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Through the Overhead "Fast through is not the cannon fodder of cannon fodder" author: like water years, fleeting years.

In this way Yu Ying was busy Because she has decided what to build and designed the drawings Of course at this time she has to prepare for the upgrade problem because it is almost full It can be said that she is so busy every day that she has no time to contact others When she finally designed Belt Filter Press the equipment she began to upgrade and see what good things she could drop Only drawings are not enough She must get the materials she needs done And it's better to get more materials or something because by this time Yu Ying doesn't know where the crisis comes from But her intuition told her that it would be better if she got more materials

At that moment a new prompt suddenly appeared in the system and the twilight of the gods opened Then I saw a colorful light suddenly appear in the sky of the sky world and then many lower gods shouted and fell from the sky It turned out that the end of God had come Players don't even know what's going on Why did the gods fall from the Kingdom of God on this day Yu Ying looked at the sky and there were not many gods falling down at first Because a large number of gods are afraid to step out of their position hoping that they are still members of the Kingdom of God Unfortunately this is their fantasy The territory of the Kingdom of God is still shrinking little by little and more gods will fall from the altar The natives of the sky world are more pious to the gods Players don't have much affection for the gods so when they see the gods fall they all look at them with a curious heart Yu Ying felt that when these gods came to the world he was afraid that they would become bosses but he didn't know what he could give away When I was thinking like this a God happened to fall near Yu Ying After falling down the gods felt uncomfortable Obviously they were gods Why couldn't they fly up again So he had a fire in his heart and when he saw Yu Ying his eyes turned red directly as if Yu Ying had let him fall down and he punched Yu Ying Yu Ying feels a little funny is this the so-called God Beat people indiscriminately! Think she's a soft touch It's really funny Yu Ying's body retreated sharply then took out his various weapons and fired at the gods Ordinary magic change pistol can barely break the defense so Yu Ying feels that this God is relatively weak not as difficult as the boss in the copy So she switched to a heavy machine gun and it was obvious that the area where the God was injured was enlarged At this time the God's eyes were already wide open As a God he did not think that human beings had no fear of him at all In addition the weapon in her hand was so powerful that his pupils shrank and he wanted to escape Because if we continue to fight we will die Thinking of this he was ready to turn around and run away In fact the so-called gods are not big at this time or even shrink sharply Yu Ying suspects that this is their strength Generally speaking the more powerful the deity is the bigger it should be At this time multi disc screw press the gods also felt something was wrong after a fierce punch turned around and ran Yu Ying felt out the laser gun is all of a sudden so the gods rushed to the street Yu Ying thought for a moment then touched the bag and a gem came out adding strength Are they here to deliver the gem Yu Ying conveniently put away the gem and then walked toward the place where the gods fell killing several gods in succession Yu Ying saw that in fact the so-called gods also have ranks like she killed the first God in fact in the kingdom of God should be a servant of God and other positions there is no ability So there are few gems falling and the quality of the gems is low

The better you want the gem the more you want to hit the God of boss level As for the first kind of spirit it is the most common monster Chapter 45 the Lord God After playing dozens of lower gods Yu Ying felt this strange not to mention the low rate of gem drop and the drop out are the lowest level of gems Is this kind of gem inlaid on the equipment can give the player to increase the strength increase the defense increase the intelligence but absolutely not much Hit this kind of strange for Yu Ying is the chicken ribs in the chicken ribs tasteless to eat it is not a pity to discard The promotion of Yu Ying's fighting power is of no great use at all and it is a waste of time Therefore Yu Ying quickly ruled out this strange Then tried other levels of gods Yu Ying in the shortest time kill the middle gods high gods so the quality of the gem is much better But the drop rate of all the gods is not very high the higher the quality of the gem the lower the drop rate This is still Yu Ying's invisible lucky value is still very high only this drop rate If Africans come to shoot gems I'm afraid they will fall even lower In addition Yu Ying felt a little annoyed that this time the gods were too few Because there are so many players compared with the gods it is obvious that there are more monks and less porridge In addition compared with Wall Penstocks the ordinary players around Yu Ying her fighting power is much higher with a feeling of bullying the weak As a result Yu Ying disappeared very consciously otherwise the players around her looked at her with a kind of plaintive and not daring to speak loudly Let Yu Ying have the feeling that she is a sinner Of course this news Yu Ying conveniently informed the pine nuts In fact in this game the player who wants to try the fighting power of the gods is not only Yu Ying but also the player who has some skills Therefore many players soon learned that the gods who fell into the kingdom of God came to send gems This is so lovely! Whoa! The game company of Sky World is so awesome! There is no explanation for the official announcement of the game company There are players who particularly like to show off and they talk about it in the world so more players know about it At this time there are already posts on the forum to introduce their experiences Yu Ying is very fast when she is fighting with the gods Although the fight did not last long it soon accumulated a pile of low-level gems khnwatertreatment.com

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