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A thousand mountains

Mrs Xie's heart tightened and she opened her eyes and looked at her daughter and asked "What does the empress mean" The granddaughter of her family is married by a famous matchmaker of the crown prince What is the wife of the crown prince if not the crown princess Is it difficult to change the position of the Crown Princess "The Crown Princess is either the Crown Princess or the Crown Princess" Mourning for the Crown Princess was conferred by decree in those days Xie Guifei glanced at her mother lightly and asked softly "Is there a jade treasure of the Crown Princess or a golden book of the Crown Princess" This question weighs more than a thousand catties Xie old lady suddenly body a shake almost collapsed in the chair Xie Guifei hurriedly called "mother" a step past to help Xie old lady Old Mrs Xie held her daughter's soft hand instead After a long time she gathered her strength and breathed a sigh of relief Her face was pale She held her daughter's hand tightly and murmured "This this is no good" Prince from MBR reactor the five princes to the real power of the vassal king to become a prince to the crown prince this step by step not only has the political support of the Xie family but also Xie Moru 20 years of hard work If the prince is in the East Palace and Xie Mo is in the next hall then what is the Xie family these years Is it not to make wedding clothes for others! Old Mrs Hsieh was so old that her brain was spinning so fast that she suddenly thought of how many pros and cons she could weigh! Xie Guifei also said "That's why I want my mother to persuade me It doesn't matter

The most important thing is to take the seat of the Crown Princess first" There's no need to fight for this idle breath There's nothing more important than the Crown Princess now "That's what the empress said" With a deep sigh Mrs Hsieh had no intention of talking to her daughter "I'll go to the East Palace and try to persuade her" she said Xie Guifei once again told her mother "She has come to the present if she falls short of success because of discord with the Ci'en Palace it is really a pity" Xie Guifei is not all for Xie Moru to think she has to think for her son is the mother's cousin to be the future queen or a stranger without friendship and blood Mrs Xie resigned and went to the East Palace According to reason there is a time limit for women to come to the palace to pay their respects Not only is the time for paying their respects fixed on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month but there is also a limit on the length of paying their respects However Mrs Xie is obviously not subject to this restriction Her daughter is the imperial concubine and her granddaughter is the Crown Princess Therefore she has some privileges in the matter of paying her respects Especially after Xie Moru entered the East Palace some of the palace attendants who had a face in the palace were also very affectionate and polite to Mrs Xie When Mrs Xie was old Concubine Xie helped her mother to the East Palace with the maids in her own palace Xie Moru had a good time in the East Palace When he saw Mrs Xie he said "There is fresh venison today Grandma will stay for dinner" Mrs Xie didn't have the heart to eat venison She was worried to death Xie Moru paid his respects first Xie Moru waved his hand and let Mrs Xie sit down After the maid served tea she sent them down Old Mrs Xie could not wait for a moment so she told Xie Mo about the establishment of the Crown Princess Xie Moru said "I know that Grandma doesn't have to worry about it" Old Mrs Xie said "Nothing is as important as the matter of the Crown Princess

The Empress might as well show her kindness to the Ci'en Palace for the time being" Xie Mo asked with a half-smile "Didn't I show good" I go to pay my respects every day and I never lose my courtesy Mechanical fine screen How about the Empress Dowager "Mrs Hsieh stopped thought for a moment and said" When I get home I'll ask your uncle and ask Princess Yi-an about one or two questions " "There's no need to go to so much trouble If you can persuade the queen mother Princess Yian won't refuse" Xie Moru said "Now that Grandmother has come go home and say to Grandfather let the right person in the court please seal the Crown Princess" Mrs Xie naturally thought about this method and when she saw Mrs Xie saying so Mrs Xie nodded "Well there must be a noise" The royal family wants to play dumb but the Xie family can't do it Grandparents and grandchildren discussed for a while but Mrs Xie had no good idea Because she was in a hurry to set up the Crown Princess she did not leave a meal in the East Palace so she hurried out of the palace and went back to the house When Mrs Xie returned home she had no time to take a sip of tea so she told her husband about the establishment of the Crown Princess Mrs Xie nodded "These days I'm also thinking about it" "Why didn't you tell me" Old Mrs Xie was a little angry Xie Lao Shangshu said "What's the use of talking to you It's just a lot of people who are worried" If he had any way to make it work he would have done it long ago Say with me at least when I enter the palace I can ask the Crown Princess Old Mrs Xie leaned against the soft couch with obvious fatigue on her old face She rubbed her eyebrows and said "She used to have an idea" Over the years the Xie family has been convinced of Xie Moru's ability To be able to assist the Rotating sludge scraper five princes in the East Palace Xie Mo should take the lead Xie Lao Shangshu asked "How is the Crown Princess in the palace" "It's fine" Old Mrs Xie sighed "The empress has such a temper that she can live well anywhere I'm so anxious that I can't see that the empress is in any hurry" Xie Lao Shangshu smiled "I have a plan in my mind so I'm not in a hurry" "Maybe it's an act" Xie old lady is a little pessimistic the heart deeply hates Hu Empress Dowager also do not know how Cheng Empress Dowager was smart for a lifetime confused for a while when she died she didn't call this old thing to be buried with her!

Hu Empress Dowager is a woman with little wisdom when the court such as Mrs Xie is looking forward to the early death of Hu Empress Dowager but the more so the more it shows the lethality of Hu Empress Dowager Yes the location of the Mercy Palace is too lethal The result of the first test of the Xie family was not good although this was arranged by Xie Bai the imperial censor who directly participated in the dereliction of duty of the Ministry of Rites and appointed the crown prince for so long did not mention the matter of the crown princess Qin Chuan the minister of the Ministry of Rites came forward to plead guilty and asked Qin Tian to monitor the auspicious day and set up the Crown Princess Emperor Mu yuan approved it but the auspicious day calculated by Qin Tian Jian was next year The prince did not ask Emperor Mu yuan at all but asked Li Jiujiang to consult Li Jiujiang said "At present the most important thing is not under the Crown Princess the most important thing is to save the life of the Crown Princess" The prince's face changed greatly and he said "It's impossible!" Prince can understand the implication of Li Jiujiang if the royal family does not prepare a book to thank Mo Ru the method is not just a delay In fact procrastination is the most stupid way and there are countless ways for the royal family to let Xie Moru die before canonization khnwatertreatment.com

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