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My bamboo horse has spoiled me.

Zhouyou pointed to Yu Yue in the cradle bed and said "You told me that my sister is very beautiful and lovely like a doll but she is obviously ugly like the grandmother who often exercises downstairs" After hearing this the four adults did not know whether to laugh or cry They could only explain to Zhouyou "My younger sister was just born She is a little wrinkled and ugly After a few days when she opens up she will become a beautiful doll" Zhouyou had not yet digested this sentence but Yu Yue who had just been lying on the cradle bed cried with a "wow" Head Yang immediately picked her up Zhou You looked at Yu Yue who was crying with a red face fine bubble diffuser and a twisted face He did not believe that she would become good-looking He looked at her contemptuously and said "It's uglier to cry" Yu Yue cried even more because of his words Zhouyou dislikes Yu Yue but Professor Xia has to serve Head Yang in confinement so he can only follow Professor Xia to Yu's house every day Yu Yue is not an easy child to take care of She is so noisy that she cries at every turn Besides the little girl liked to be carried around and if she sat down she would not be happy Every time Professor Xia and Head Yang coaxed Yu Yue for a long time without coaxing her to be quiet Zhouyou became more and more disgusted with her "She is not good-looking but she still likes to cry so much"

As soon as Yu Yue heard that Zhou You disliked her she cried even more Professor Xia had no choice but to coerce Zhou You "If you say that about your sister again you can go back to the fifth floor and let your father take you there" At that time the boat tour was still very naughty and I had to calm down to learn calligraphy when I followed Professor Zhou In contrast he preferred to stay here and watch Yu Yue's fancy crying However Zhouyou also dislikes Yu Yue in a fancy way He dislikes that she always pulls smelly He dislikes that every time she drinks milk she is not reserved She cries when she is hungry and can't wait for half a minute Under the careful care of Head Yang and Professor Xia Yu Yue the ugly duckling grew up gradually from a wrinkled little old man to a pink and tender baby Zhouyou saw that she was becoming more and more lovely and he didn't dislike her so much That evening Professor Xia and Head Yang were preparing to help Yu Yue take a bath For the first time Zhouyou ran to the door of the toilet with a small towel and said to the two adults "I want to help my sister take a bath" Professor Xia and Head Yang were very surprised Although they knew that the boat tour could not help it did not discourage his enthusiasm so they said to him "You first watch how we bathe our sister today and then help her wash when you learn it OK" Zhouyou nodded heavily then moved a small stool sat seriously in front of the bathtub and began to learn how to bathe his sister Head Yang had just helped Yu Yue take off her clothes on the bed Now he just gave her a towel She pulled the towel up revealing Yu Yue's little fart Professor Xia immediately began to wash Yu Yue's fart Mom why doesn't my sister have a chicken With a surprised look on his face Zhouyou stretched out the index finger of his left hand and pointed straight at Yu Yue's fart My sister is a girl rotary vacuum disc filters so she is not small Professor Xia answered patiently Originally thought that the boat tour would stop on this issue who knows he is interested in this issue and asked "Sister is not small then how to urinate ah" She changes so many diapers all day long Where does the urine come from Professor Xia "…" Sexual enlightenment is a difficult problem for every parent Zhouyou continued to ask and Professor Xia finally could only use his trump card "Ask your father this question" Yu Yue is becoming more and more lovely day by day From the beginning she took care of her sister at Yu's home but she asked to take care of her sister at Yu's home on her own initiative That day Professor Xia went to a nearby shop to buy something just thirsty and asked for a bottle of drink directly The boss was calculating the total price of what she wanted to buy for her so she opened the drink and drank it directly into her stomach But when she finished her drink and was about to pay she found that she had no money with her You don't have to buy anything but you have to pay for the drinks The boss refused to accept credit and kept shouting that Professor Xia wanted to repudiate the debt Professor Yu and Professor Zhou went out that day and Professor Xia could only use the fixed telephone of the shop to call Head Yang for help Head Yang thought that the shop was not far away and Yu Yue was sleeping soundly so he gave the task of taking care of the children to Zhouyou

Zhouyou gladly accepted the challenge "Aunt Yang you can rest assured that I will take good care of my sister" Head Yang hanging half a heart gritted his teeth and went out quickly Who knows she just went out three minutes Yu Yue woke up opened his eyes did not see his mother then crying Zhouyou stood by the crib looking anxious trying to pick her up like an adult but he was not strong enough He was so anxious that his little face turned red and finally in a hurry he pouted his mouth directly and blocked Yu Yue's mouth 61. Fanwai 1 (Childhood Sweetheart at the Right Time 2) Their first kiss was forgotten after the boat trip and Yu Yue had Dissolved Gas Flotation no impression of it So when they kissed again years later they foolishly thought that it was their first kiss When Yu Yue was seven months old she had learned to sit Before she could not sit adults usually held her horizontally Zhouyou tried to hold her many times but was refused After all it was too dangerous Now seeing Yu Yue sitting there playing with the little yellow duck the boat swam up to her and reached out to hug her "Aunt Yang I want to hug my sister" Head Yang always knew the wishes of Zhouyou and when Yu Yue could sit down he asked Zhouyou to give her a symbolic hug Smiling she lobbied Zhou "Zhou You just hug your sister and pick her up when you grow up OK" Zhou You nodded with a smile on his face "Good" With these words he knelt down directly in front of Yu Yue reached out his hand to encircle her and then patted her on the back like an adult "Sister should be obedient brother will love you" "Wow" Yu Yue suddenly burst into tears Seeing this Professor Xia immediately pulled the boat away from Yu Yue and was about to see what had happened to Yu Yue Unexpectedly she had stopped crying and continued to play with the little yellow duck in her hand with a contented face ……” 。 khnwatertreatment.com

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