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You know how reluctant I am.

In my memory my brother was seldom so patient The porridge in the thermos cup was still hot He fed it unhurriedly and wiped his mouth Before he knew it his sharp handsomeness had worn away and become smooth Look at what He flicked her forehead "It's really a donkey's head You don't know to call me when you have a fever" “…… I'm afraid you're busy with your work "Aren't you afraid that if you die of illness I'll have to take time out of my busy schedule to mourn" "A fever won't kill you" He flicked her forehead again "Ji Duoqing I hated it before and I hate it now and I haven't made any progress" Donkey's head Duoqing was embarrassed to scratch the filter nozzle donkey's head thinking that the uncertain man was angry again But he went out and came back a few minutes later with hot water in his hand and said "Donkey what are you thinking about Take the medicine" In fact she did not think about it she was just afraid that his care and gentleness to her was just a dream that burned his brain and when he woke up he looked at her coldly like a class enemy Think so her mouth curls make the expression that wants to cry actually the look in the eyes also wants to cry just do not have tear She is different from other women She can't even cry She can't learn to be fragile Even when she is sick she is like a dormant wolf and can't be loved He rubbed her donkey's head with anger and amusement Her health is getting worse and worse and she often gets sick It wasn't like this before It was lively and noisy And he didn't care about her so much before In her words he was a class enemy He hated her for half his life He could not forget the first quarrel between his mother and father in the study Through the closed door his father said firmly that if you had to do this we would separate Anyway you never cared what I thought After so many years you still refused to listen to me Mother did not speak for a long time He knew that his father had always wanted to have another daughter but she was too busy with her work The judge in ancient times was the role of the Lord of the Blue Sky The girl her mother wanted to adopt was a victim of a child abuse case Her parents were migrant workers her father was in the construction team and her mother was a nanny

The girl's father has a bad temper and is under great pressure to work in a big city A man's way to relieve stress is nothing more than drinking and smoking He gets drunk and beats his children for fun The mother liked the girl so much that she divorced her father and wanted to adopt the child He was a calm spectator from the beginning to the end and he was also a calm spectator of their marriage from childhood to adulthood In the eyes of outsiders they have the most perfect marriage His parents are the children of senior cadres They grew up in the military compound Although they are not childhood sweethearts they are a well-matched couple In the third year of their marriage they gave birth to a handsome and intelligent son They spent most of their lives in the envious eyes of others until the end of their marriage When he was young he still hated Duoqing wall penstocks and that feeling was mostly anger but later it was habitual disgust I can't say She probably hated that no matter how she gave her a look satirized her ridiculed her and excluded her as an outsider she still looked at him with big black eyes and smiled as if she were looking at a little boy with a bad temper and she did not care about him In fact he did not forget that when Duoqing first came home he pushed open the bathroom door and accidentally saw her standing naked under the shower The seven or eight-year-old girls he had ever seen were all white and clean In summer their skin was exposed like a white and tender radish but her body was covered with horrible scars alternating old and new which made the 14-year-old boy's scalp tingle and he was stunned on the spot for a moment It's a pity that he is not a kind person and he doesn't need to feel sorry for her Looking back now those deliberate ingratiation and smooth cleverness gradually became sad in his eyes He closed his eyes and said "It's sunny Get better quickly" She did not know what was going on and fell asleep again with a vague promise in her throat In the afternoon Li Moran came to pick her up

At least the fever subsided He went to Li's house and drank the crucian carp soup that Li's mother was good at Looking at the noisy family at the dinner table Li's mother chattered about a doctor who had just returned from abroad Li Moran wore a light blue uniform of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and curled his mouth showing the cheeky virtue of an older young woman After dinner Duoqing and Li Moran chatted together head to head Anyway it's all rambling and saying everything Speaking of the comics recently serialized in the club Li Moran pinched his thigh and scolded the author for being brain-damaged Duoqing also felt quite brain-damaged after all sweet potato's brain is not a day or two Next time I pull the sweet potato boy over and make him kneel down for you Li Moran was filled with indignation "kneel down on the computer motherboard!" "Well kneel durian!" "Kneel hedgehog!" "Kneel on the glass ballast!" The two men had no idea what to say and laughed happily and Duoqing rolled around happily Li Moran suddenly said "Wolf cub when you had a fever you took your brother as Fu Yunqing" Duoqing looked at the ceiling and was confused You grabbed Duolan's collar and said Fu Yunqing the farther you die the better Don't let me meet you again "Li Mo ran turned his head and looked at him faintly" Wolf cub what if you meet again " Duoqing is like a wolf in an iron cage in a zoo staring at the trainer who sent her into the cage Don't let me come out I'll be the first to bite you to death But how to meet again Maybe only in a feverish dream 7 The busy time at the end of the year is terrible especially the magazine department of the animation club which disc air diffuser works overtime every day and is stunned to drive out two issues of the magazine before the year Editors are so tired that their spleen and stomach are weak and cartoonists are not much better They are all badly weakened Fortunately after completing the task the magazine department had a holiday on December 26 and she made an appointment with Sweet Potato to go shopping together Sweet potato is a good child of filial piety He bought a lot of things for his parents but he had nothing to do with himself More sunny and cleaner passing by Swarovski I saw a pair of drop-shaped earrings glittering and translucent transparent like a drop of angel's tears but can reflect the colorful brilliance She dragged the sweet potato to the electronic box to get an ear piercing and put one on her right ear which could shine like a broken moonlight Chinese New Year's Eve night Ji Duolan went to his father's house She insisted on staying at home She said "What identity should I use to go"  khnwatertreatment.com

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