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Taste of the Wild: Why Can It Be Your Dog’s Favourite Brand?


Your companion's health and well-being should be your top priority. Therefore, purchasing top products from internationally renowned brands can be one of the best ways to enjoy the presence of your pup for many years to come. Your dog is active and playful, but are you worried about meeting his nutritional needs? In this case, it is best to consider kibble or wet dog food from recognised Australian brands such as Pedigree, Advance or Royal Canin.

High-quality kibble, produced by premium manufacturers, could improve your dog's overall health, give him extra energy, and make him more responsive to your commands. Quality food and treats can be a way to show your love towards your four-legged friend, be a training tool through which your puppy learns compliance, an accessory to control the weight of your canine, and an aid in your pet ownership process. From choices by Purina to quality kibble created by Ivory Coat or Taste of the Wild, the Australian market is full of well-known brands. But navigating it can be a challenge.

Does your dog suffer from severe allergies, and you must be careful about the ingredients used in the kibble production? Are you the owner of a breed prone to obesity, and do you need low-fat dog food? In this case, you should orient yourself towards products focusing on different breeds. And here, options such as Advance, Pedigree, Meals for Muts or Optimum could be an excellent solution. Choosing the ideal food for your dog can be difficult at first glance. But in 2023, you have all the resources you need to make an effective decision.

Why Should You Buy Kibble Produced by Taste of the Wild?

For starters, being a family-owned American brand, the products of Taste of the Wild have recently gained an excellent reputation in Australia as one of the highest-quality options for dogs with dermatological problems. As with brands like Purina or Royal Canin, the ingredients used by the American brand are of the highest quality. The protein sources are of known origin and the options for your pet range from salmon and lamb to venison or bison. In addition, the kibble marketed by the American dog food manufacturer is free of dangerous additives and contains no artificial dyes.

Taste of the Wild markets a wide range of grain-free dog and cat food, ideal for animals prone to food allergies. The products offered for sale have been tested and approved by AAFCO, the percentage of protein used in the kibble varies between 25 and 30%, and each dry food product put on sale is enriched with probiotics, which have a beneficial effect in the maintenance of a healthy digestive system. Moreover, the American company’s products are among the few on the Australian market that provide novel protein sources, such as venison. For this reason, they are one of the most recommended brands by the Australian Veterinary Association.

How Can Quality Food Increase the Life Span of Dogs?

As with humans, eating quality food and ingesting premium ingredients rich in vitamins and minerals could positively impact your furry friend's health. While the average life expectancy of a medium-sized dog is around thirteen years, this figure could be surpassed considerably with the help of quality kibble or wet dog food. The oldest dog in the world is thirty-one years old and still going. Will your dog reach a similar age? Probably not. But by feeding your pup quality food, you could hopefully enjoy his company for over fifteen or sixteen years.

High-quality kibble provides a balanced nutritional intake, rich in proteins of known origin and vegetables, carbohydrates, vitamins, healthy fats or minerals. Quality kibble can increase your puppy's metabolism, improve his eyesight, teeth and bones, keep him at an optimal weight, help him avoid digestive problems, and reduce food allergies that affect more and more breeds each year. In the long run, investing in high-quality dog food from recognised brands could be one of your best ideas. And buying it is also an economically sound decision.

What Should You Choose Between Kibble and Wet Dog Food?


When browsing for quality chow, you'll have two choices. Kibble or wet dog food. What is the difference between them? For one, kibble is usually cheaper and can be stored for long periods, even after unpacking. Is your dog a picky eater that doesn't usually eat everything in the bowl? In that case, what's left could be put back and reused at a later date. Being harder to chew, kibble positively affects canine dental health, helping to remove dental plaque and alleviate bad breath. Furthermore, it can be an option for people interested in long-shelf life and overall availability.

However, kibble is not recommended for dogs with kidney disease or dental loss. For them, a more convenient but albeit more expensive option might be wet dog food from brands such as VeganPet or My Dog. Wet dog food options have a high moisture content, making them preferable for dogs that can't hydrate sufficiently. Wet dog food is also generally more palatable for canines, is easy to digest, usually leads to fewer allergy concerns, and can be found in a wide range of flavours from brands that use multiple protein sources.

What you choose will depend on your dog's preferences and your budget. Kibble is more versatile and should be your go-to solution if price is paramount. Meanwhile, wet food might be an alternative preferred by your dog. A compromise might be combining kibble meals with an occasional wet food treat, which your pet will appreciate. Whatever you choose, however, you should only look for products offered by quality brands that guarantee their products with a pristine reputation.

You Have Options

In many ways, this decade can be considered a golden age for animal lovers. From internationally recognised brands that excel in quality offerings to various accessories designed with your dog's well-being in mind, nowadays, it's easier than ever to be a pet owner. And the options you have at your disposal could be ideal for even the most pampered dog. From kibble manufactured by brands like Taste of the Wild to wet dog food marketed by Pedigree, today's pups have access to one of the most varied ranges of pet products in decades, making them the most fortunate canine generation in history.

Are you a busy person, and you don't spend enough time with your dog? Then, the least you can do is to provide him with a balanced and healthy nutrition made possible with a competitive brand. From Meal for Mutts to Pedigree, Royal Canin or Ivory Coat, the choices available to Australian pet owners are growing every year. Quality food can be why your dog is healthy and act as a tool by which you can enjoy the company of your pup for many years to come. And let's face it, that's the ultimate goal for all dog owners, regardless of nationality, age, or beliefs.

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