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I am a vase and I am willing to [entertainment circle]

In order to finish the scene that needed the background in the evening before the sunset the time was very tight so the staff put down the things they brought and began to race against time to decorate the environment Several makeup artists were also busy modeling for Sheng Ning This time the makeup is more scheming than when it is indoors It is obviously made up but it looks like a feeling of "natural carving of hibiscus out of clear water" Several makeup artists worked together some made up for Sheng Ning some did hair for Sheng Ning and some went to take out the fish tail Mermaids of course Amber Dropper Bottles have fish tails This fish tail is the most normal golden red very delicate and the lines on each scale are lifelike What is unusual is that it actually uses a special material on its scales which is not conspicuous in the house now and when it swims slightly after entering the water there will be a little golden light from the fins and scales Eyeshadow blush highlight lipstick … 

Sheng Ning up Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale No it's better to hold than to hug He straightened his arms as if afraid of physical contact with her and lifted her flat Ji Yan controlled his nervousness and looked down coldly like a male God "Where are you going" Assistant "… …" Broker "…" Sheng Ning "…" Sheng Ning has a feeling that the next second will be leaked Her voice seemed to squeeze through her teeth "Do you think I'm a barbell" The author has something to say There will be more around three o'clock 、009 Sheng Ning has a feeling that the next second will be leaked Her voice seemed to squeeze through her teeth "Do you think I'm a barbell" She had to reach out and grab his clothes Season banquet shook a shake Sheng Ning hand a tight the button was almost torn off by him "hold steady!" “… Uh I would never drop her Sheng Ning felt a pain in his brain Fortunately the stunned broker also reacted Holding back his laughter he hurriedly pushed the cart over "Just put Ning Ning on it Thank you" Thanks damn it! Sheng Ning felt that she and the season banquet were really incompatible squeezed out the word "thank you" from between his teeth and directed the broker to go out

The assistant and the makeup artist had covered their faces and trembled with laughter Suddenly I felt that they were having a good time —— Sheng Ning was put into the sea next to a stone The stone was just above the sea The prince was wet all over and stood on the stone This is the last scene of the propaganda film The prince recognizes the mermaid through the sapphire of the mermaid princess and chases her out [The prince holds Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale out his hand toward the water "Is that you"

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