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The Unsuspected Advantages of Polygamist Dating


Why do some women prefer to share their husbands with others? Polygamy, the marriage of a man to several women simultaneously, is still controversial. Recently, researchers have noticed that sometimes polygamist dating brings many unsuspected advantages for the family. Comparing monogamous and polygamous families, scientists found that households where the man had several wives were more prosperous, had more food, and the children were healthier. Some even say that some women are more attracted to men who already have a family and a material situation because they depend on their husband's resources.

Thus, the acceptance of polygamy is also in the interest of women, who secure a better life for themselves and their children. In addition, in many communities, the prohibition of polygamy would disadvantage women because many will not find a partner, or their options will be much more limited. That's why scientists say that monogamy is not essential to respect women's rights but their ability to make the decisions they want. Male polygamy is one of the most common stereotypes in society, and you will hear talking about it more and more often as people and their thinking evolves.

Polygamy is not the same as having sex with multiple partners. This type of relationship is about a married couple, but this particular idea of a couple means more than two people. Remember that polygamist dating differs from polyamory, which involves sexual relations involving various partners. In contrast, a relationship with multiple partners (polyamory) is a way of living or a sexual orientation outside an imposed belief system. Although many families of this kind are loving, their adverse side is more well-known regarding the marriage of young women who do not have something to say about getting married to someone who already has a partner.

Some Women Want Such Relationships

Women who are part of families of several partners are, however, very educated, employed, and have control over their own lives. Many multiple relationships are based on gender equality and strive to achieve it. Despite popular beliefs that men lead multiple connections, women choose polygamist dating, and things happen as they like and decide to. Some women reported being more confident in themselves and their desires and limits when given up to a monogamous life. Polygamy is the marriage of one person with several people, by no means only the maintenance of sexual relations. Either way, only benefits emerge.

Are People Monogamous or Polygamous?

Although polygamy is generally considered unacceptable by most Westerners, there is some uncertainty and ambiguity regarding its moral status. Therefore, although Western culture remains officially monogamous, polygamy is tolerated in many forms. Once the constraints related to polygamy were lifted, men began to marry several women simultaneously. However, these relationships are often kept secret, so knowing who lives with more people is impossible. Even so, the fact that men have sexual relations with people other than those with whom they share their lives is not considered a polygamous situation.

Archaeologists, anthropologists, and biologists have agreed on one thing: it's complicated. From a biological point of view, the human body, unlike that of other species, has evolved in such a way as to allow coexistence in a society, which means leaving aside the fierce competition that takes place between males to conquer females. With all, however, the battle between monogamy and polygamist dating lasted until the 21st century. Thus, in this case, too, human nature leaves room for interpretation. Why some people prefer to have only one partner while others prefer to keep their options open is a mystery.

Everybody Is in Charge of its Life


Even so, how a person acts in this regard says a lot about the person in question and the society in which he lives. For example, regarding marriage, in Eastern culture, polygamist dating is accepted by both law and religion, while the Western world promotes monogamy. However, many specifications can give a different point of view on this problem. For example, in the Oriental culture, polygamy is allowed only for men. On the other hand, although monogamy is promoted, there are many polygamists even in Western culture. Usually, things that happen these days begin somewhere in the past.

Men and women start and end relationships for various reasons. From a biological point of view, the transmission of genes is one of the main reasons for sexual intercourse. Thus, a man can be the father of a much larger number of children than a woman can give birth to throughout her life. Moreover, maternal responsibilities are much more significant in any society than paternal ones. So, this can be one of the reasons why men are more inclined than women towards polygamy. Also, in Western culture, polygamy has been considered immoral for centuries.

Maintaining Fidelity in the Couple

That was the basis of many laws and social customs in an attempt to keep sexual desire under control, this natural force that often proves to be much stronger than reason. Even from a psychological point of view, there is no clear explanation regarding this problem. Studies show that both men and women are divided into two different groups: those who prefer to remain faithful to one person and those who like adventures. That depends on the genetic structure of each person, his personality, and the social environment in which he grew up. Ancestors were into polygamist dating.

In the animal world, polygamy is much more common than monogamy, so the latter seems instead the result of a social innovation applied by humans in the last millennia to make it possible to live in a community. From a historical point of view, it seems that the human race became predominantly monogamous at the time of the transition from hunter-gatherer societies to those based on agriculture. Therefore, the human species cannot be categorized as strictly monogamous or into polygamist dating, as with other species; the struggle between nature and culture perpetuates along this line of human existence.

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