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Medical Mask FDA

Medical Mask FDA Products Introduction Our Disposable Medical Face Mask contain 3 premium layers; pp non-woven outer filter layer, melt-blown polypropylene filtration layer, and a soft absorbent pp non-woven inner filter layer. Soft elastic ear loops, adjustable nose clip. Orders for ready-made or custom-made are welcome. Widely Used Our essential personal protective masks are worn all over the world in most common workplace environments. They are used by Salon and Spa Professionals, Food Service, Retailers, Warehouses, Offices, Schools, Indoors & Outdoors. Matters needing attention 1.The mask should be replaced in time, is not recommended for long-term use. 2. If there is any maladjustment or adverse reaction during wearing, it is suggested to stop using 3. This product is not washable. Please make sure to use it within the validity period. 4. Store in a dry and ventilated place away from fire and inflammables. Our Package: Size: 525mm x 420 mm x420 mm FAQ: Q1. How can I get a sample of any product for confirm the quality? A: Please give us your exactly specs details. We can provide you a sample according to your specification. Q2. How can I get a price of needed product? A: Please give your exactly specs details to us. We can give you a sample and price according to your specification.Medical Mask FDA website:http://www.cantellitech.com/medical-mask/

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