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TPE sex dolls on sale

If you are a fan of TPE sex dolls then Nafisa should be at the top of your bucket list. She is one of the most popular TPE sex dolls in the entire global market. Therefore, you can imagine how popular she is and how much she is liked by TPE sex doll lovers. Nafisa is categorized as a sex TPE sex doll, which is music to our ears.

She is the creation of the famous TPE sex doll manufacturer YL TPE sex dolls. Considering YL TPE sex dolls' reputation for creating quality TPE sex dolls, it's safe to expect a masterpiece like Nafisa. nafisa is basically a TPE TPE sex doll, unlike the other members on this list. She has the body of a sex goddess, and no, we are not exaggerating here.

pregnant adult doll cheap for sale

Nafisa is an M-cup pregnant sex doll, and her breasts are about 40.94 inches. To say she is busty is a gross understatement. Her buttocks measure 34.65 inches. Now, we are looking at a sexy ass. Nafisa is 171 cm tall, which puts her in the tall pregnant sex doll category. Now, you may understand why she is so popular. This pregnant love doll is the complete package.

So, being the excellent owner that she is, let's take a look at her measurements. Her bust is 34.25 inches, making her a voluptuous beauty. Her ass measures 31.89 inches. Her height is 158 cm. Her measurements are like a recipe for creating a fine TPE sex doll. We saved the best for last.


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