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Electric lift table motor product parameters and principle introduction


The electric small standing desk motor is a low-power linear lift drive motor device. The main drive structure is assembled from a linear motor, a reduction gear (gear box), a screw, and a push rod. The product parameters of the customized electric standing gaming desk motor can be determined according to the application. Needs for adjustable table, customized output power, reduction ratio, torque, noise, precision and other parameters to meet various performance requirements; smart electric adjustable table is a table that can be adjusted vertically, so it needs to be equipped with a motor. The motor installed in the electric standing computer desk includes a motor body, a gear set and a circuit board, but the gear set and the circuit board in the prior art are not provided with a coating structure, so they are all exposed outside, and are easily affected by dust and other impurities. Influenced by objects, the service life is reduced; and because there is no installation structure on the motor, the motors in the prior art are softly fixed in the motor box, that is, the sponge pad is used to position and fix the motor, so the fixation is relatively low. , The motor is easy to vibrate during use, resulting in loud noise. Customized electric lift table motor (lift linear motor) product parameters, performance characteristics and other services can solve special parameters and performance requirements; Zhaowei company is committed to intelligent electric lift table motor products, miniature linear lift motor gearbox products, and can provide customization Parameter service, customized parameters range from diameter 3.4mm-38mm, power: 0.01-40W, output speed 5-2000rpm, voltage: 1.5V-24V, reduction ratio 5-1500, output torque 1gfNaN to 50KgfNaN;

Electric sit stand desk motor product parameter service:

Product Category: Linear Motors

Product specification: 42MM (can be customized)

Current range: customized

Voltage range: 12-24VDC

Frequency: 2400PPS

Itinerary: customized

Time: 0.2-1.5S

Thrust: customized

Input speed: customized

Working temperature: -20°C-+85°C

Noise: less than 50db after stabilization

standing desk motor drive principle: The electric lift is driven by electricity, and two lifting methods are mobilized at the same time, one is wireless remote control, and the other is switch lifting. The central lifting column material has a variety of wood grain board materials. And equipped with a variety of safety functions, such as automatic power-off protection, temperature-controlled motor protection, overload protection, mechanical anti-pressure rebound function, child lock function, to ensure safety and reliability in use. The height of the lift, whether manual or electric, is freely adjustable. The electric motor drives the adjustable height desk. This structure has the characteristics of good stability, strong synchronization performance, simple installation and maintenance, and the screw-type lifting column does not have any impact on desktop items. The disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high. The dual-motor/multi-click drive structure has the advantages of low noise, strong synchronization performance, and high load capacity. It is recommended to use custom-developed www.fezibo.com motor (miniature linear lift motor) gearbox products, which can solve various performance and parameter problems.

Here we recommend FEZIbo a cost-effective electric standing desk.

Triple Motor Reversible L-shaped Standing Desk with Upper Drawers V2

Quality and budget savings can be guaranteed with L shaped standing desk

Our triple motor l-shaped standing desks share the same good quality as their counterparts priced over $1000 on the market. But we offer lower prices so to make our adjustable desk with drawers "small profit, big sales" and more budget-friendly. It is proven by us that trend and excellent quality are not an issue of price. Certified by: EPA, CARB ATCM, UL, ETL, FCC, ect.

A Desk for Everything

We designed our desk storage system for a workspace with clarity and intention. We started by elevating our screens to create ergonomics. Meanwhile we also creating a subtle organization zone and ample drawers for storage. It gives you a place to help everything on your desk live in harmony, from knick-knacks to monitors. We recommend using it in conjunction with the best ergonomic office chair.

The New Reversible Models ——

Flexible Right/Left Orientation

Reversible Triple Motor L-shaped Standing Desk can be left-sided or right-sided, allowing for even more flexibility.

More Personalized Options

You may not be satisfied with the limited styles of the past. So in this new series, we offer you a wider range of customization options.

5 Desktop Colors

3 Wood grains: Rustic Brown, Black Walnut, Light Walnut 2 Solid colors: Black, White

3 Frames Colors

3 color frame options in Black, White and Grey with more combination possibilities.

2 Sizes

With 63" and 75" sizes to choose from, you can find your satisfaction in both large and small spaces.

Standard Keypad

-Basically Up/Down Buttons: Adjust the Desk height up and down. -3 Preset Buttons: Easy one press to raise/lower to the memory height. -Anti-collision: Effectively protect your desk and items and reduce collision damage.

Triple Motor Frame

  • Triple Drive for Stability

Three motors work together and drive jointly to give you a more solid experience of use.

  • Speed

1"/sec (25mm/sec) lifting speed, making your standing and sitting switching as silky smooth as milk.

  • Weight Capacity

With a 265 lbs (120kg) load capacity, feel free to place your desk setup without worrying about overwhelming.

Mid-Century Modern Electric Standing Desk

Modern All-American Style

A rarely found modern All-American style standing desk, with both ample storage and elegant appearance. This user-friendly design with the small middle and large two sides of the 3 under-desk drawers offers ample space without compromising the leg room.

3 Drawers

3 under-desk drawers for easy access to stored items, while giving yourself a clean and tidy work/study desk.

The Whole Board Design

Smooth and seamless, the overall desktop is better and more beautiful than the spliced board.

Full Surround Design

The full surround design provides a sense of composure while hiding the motor and cables from the horizontal view for a more harmonious look and feel.

Quiet Motor

The running sound of the motor is <50db, so don't worry about disturbing family members or colleagues.

Stand Up For Health

27.6"-47.2"/70-120 cm lifting range fit for people from 5'2" - 6'3"


Up/Down: Steplessly adjustable height

3 Pre-Set Heights: Adjust to the preset height with one press, easy to switch between standing and sitting.

Anti-Collision: Effectively protect your desk and items and reduce collision dama

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