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Sex doll starred in movies

Countries with sex doll experience stores

1. Barcelona, ​​Spain is the city where the first sex doll experience store was established. Although this idea seemed to be an unfavorable case at the time, these platforms are now spreading like wildfire.

The opening of sex doll experience stores depends entirely on national legislation, but it is a pleasure to see many countries accept this idea. The data will not lie. As the number of countries opening up these places increases, the future is promising.

The LumiDolls love doll shop that opened in Barcelona in February 2017 has played a leading role and has been praised for causing people to accept this new scene around the world.

2. United Kingdom

The sex doll experience store sounds unbelievable. A 40-year-old man named Graham established the largest sex doll experience store in the UK.

Known as Lovedoll UK, this experience store is equipped with a double bed, various tools and mannequins, and it is attracting people from all walks of life. According to the founder, more than 70% of people don't mind such an experience model.

3. Germany

Bordoll opened in mid-2017 and is the first TPE sex doll experience store opened in Dortmund, Germany. Bordoll has 11 different sex dolls, all of which are manufactured in a unique way to meet the needs of the broad market.

She said that the brick-and-mortar doll shops in Germany have grown considerably, and since then, the number of daily visits has doubled. What's more interesting is that there are more repeat customers.

AXB Doll #A145 160cm TPE Japanese Real Sex Doll

The sex doll has starred in movies

You may have heard of the movie "The Love of Inflatable Doll" starring Ryan Gosling, which is a love movie about men and inflatable dolls. Similar movies include "Golden Armor" and "Monique". And "Shooting Fish", etc., and even the movie "Mannequin".

After watching the movies, taking all factors into consideration, these movies are undeniable about sexual pressure. If you are keen to watch these types of movies, the editor will first recommend Ryan's "Inflatable Doll Love", because its core tells the interesting and subtle connection between people and things.

The historical roots of blonde sex doll

Although modern sex dolls are made with the latest materials and technologies to provide a good experience, dolls have actually existed for quite some time. In the 17th century, Dutch sailors invented a "mannequin" made of cowhide, which they then sold to the Japanese.

In fact, even today, Japanese people often refer to sex dolls as "Dutch wives." In the mid-20th century, an Austro-Hungarian artist abandoned by his lover asked a tailor to sew an imitation doll of his ex-girlfriend. So far, high-end dolls began to appear in Germany, and by the end of the 1960s, adult dolls began to appear in the United States. Promote in adult magazines.

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