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Public persona can't collapse [infinite]

Wan Tianping "Give us candles and matches is certainly not without reason I lit" This reason does not seem to be true found that everyone looked at themselves Wan Tianping swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said "Those things are afraid of fire" In the past when I slept on the boat I had to turn on the lights or light candles My elders told me that in dangerous places there must be light at night to drive away ghosts =…… = [Creepy scream I've turned off the sound!!] [Opening the curtains to peep Panic JPG] [Wan Tianping has a lot of old rules of ancestors] Chapter 171 Lujia Street (7) Zhao Sibao questioned him "Since you know that candles are useful why don't you tell us" Wan Tianping was particularly embarrassed and speechless When he was in the temple he knew clearly that there was something wrong with kowtowing four times but he didn't wire nail machine manufacturers say it But this is the norm in the realm of the undead and there is no agreement to share information between strangers

At that time speaking out would offend the temple and even if it was said the choice of tourists was not necessarily not to kowtow Who knows whether it is credible if it is specious What happened last night has shown that not kowtowing is the right choice Zhao Sibao who had already kowtowed naturally felt uncomfortable Now he was just making use of the topic to play Wan Tianping was honest and honest and clumsy He couldn't even say a word to refute it He was in a hurry Another person would not talk to Zhao Sibao at all Finding confidence in Wan Tianping Zhao Sibao floated "Women are really the most heartless things They don't deserve to be called ruthless Their hearts and livers are black Bitches are ruthless" It was an allusion to Zeng Jiali but he didn't notice that he had scolded the women pia” Gu Xi Li "Han Pi keep your mouth clean" Zhao Sibao was slapped in the face he did not understand how Gu Xi oak was so far away from him how could he wave his hand and slap him in the face beat the cow from the mountain Then he cried out because the little dog bit his calf he had no love for the little animal and was about to kick the little animal away The little animal was full of vitality as if he understood his intention and took a bite and ran away Lin Chen "If you dare to take a step forward again I will let you be proud of two or two meat on the spot and you are separated Don't you look down on women" If you can't be a man don't be a woman Be a dead man Zhao Sibao "" There are always some people who think that men are superior to women and there have been in the past and there will still be after the end of the world In a society under the rule of law talking nonsense is nothing more than being scolded a few words

Whoever has a big fist in the erosion area will listen to him Nail Making Machine manufacturers It is not just being scolded a few words It is very possible for a small-minded person to kill him The three girls here are just better than Zhao Sibao If this fool ignored the threat of Lin Chen and respected him as a man he withered directly shrank to one side in a very obscene way and then trotted away with the ticket I won't tell you I'm going to dinner Gu Xi oak giggled The haze of yesterday's murder has dissipated and the vegetable market is very lively in the early morning The door of the hostel was blocked by new stalls but when she saw Gu Xi coming out in a wheelchair the elder sister selling discs lifted the plastic to let her cross the road The elder sister did not set up a stall here yesterday and Gu Xi Li had not seen her Next to the tofu stall Wan Tianping asked the woman of the tofu stall about the location of the temple Compared with the elder sister who bought the disc the owner of the tofu stand was younger and more beautiful People who came to buy tofu called her "Tofu Xishi" Lujiajie vegetable market is very big so there are many similar stalls but yesterday after visiting the vegetable market there was only one selling tofu which was Tofu Xishi Tofu Xishi crossed her waist and shouted "You are wicked!"! The stall was placed at the door of the guest house blocking the way of the guests! See if Uncle Qin comes out and doesn't cut you Elder sister "You XXX it's none of your business!"!

Bitch There's a lot of trouble in front of the widow's door so you don't have to pull a cart! As soon as Gu Xi saw the quarrel now she felt that something was bound to happen She glanced at the cauldron in front of Tofu Xishi and interrupted "Is this a Beancurd Jelly" Tofu Xi Shi listens this is business door immediately no longer take elder sister with plastic bowl to scoop a spoonful of Beancurd Jelly especially natural ask Gu Xi oak "want sweet or salty" I haven't said I want to buy it yet! Gu Xi Oak "Salty" Wen Yushu came over and said "a bowl of sweet food" Tofu Xishi gave Gu Xi Quercus a spoonful of Beancurd Jelly gave Wen Yushu a spoonful and a half and tried to touch the back of his hand when he adjusted the flavor to Wen Yushu but Wen Yushu dodged Tofu Xishi "Don't be shy little brother!" Disc elder sister stares "X Fox the family is Nail machine manufacturer young husband and wife!"! Girl she molested your man and you quickly scratched her X face Tofu Xishi twisted her waist and smiled "Which eye did you see that they were husband and wife" Elder sister

"Which eye can you see that they are not husband and wife" Tofu Xishi rolled her eyes and said "The salty and sweet parties are irreconcilable and can never be together" Eldest sister Wen Yushu "" "I'm not familiar with him" Tofu Xishi triumphantly added half a spoon of Beancurd Jelly to Gu Xi Although these two women had a quarrel they felt different from the two people who quarreled yesterday They did not have the strange atmosphere of being so tense that they were about to split Besides the murder that happened yesterday was probably just a special case If this hint is about the mother and son who were killed it is also very appropriate The little boy's obsession has not disappeared and he has become the Lord of the Dead The two men had just finished eating a big bowl of bean curd when Gong Zhengguang stood at the door and shouted "Let's go!" The voice did not fall to see the little old man came out with his hands behind his back Seeing that the door was blocked he kicked over the box of the elder sister's disc He was very unhappy and scolded the elder sister for ten minutes The particularly tough elder sister did not say a word When the little old man left contentedly she muttered "It's great to manage a vegetable market!" Tofu Xishi is watching the fun Today's itinerary also has two items [visit the staff dormitory (glass factory)] [visit the old arch bridge in Lujia Street (take photos)] 3shardware.com

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