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Earthly Fate _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

When he was in a dilemma Xu Zekai struggled to sit up and said with a forced smile "Life and death are destiny and Zekai's fleeting time" Destined to have this disaster Martial Uncle don't have to worry too much Ze Kai will go to find Li Wang and stay by Ba Rui Ding's military vehicle It'll hold up for a while Ji Ruochen sighed knowing that it could only be so Xu Zekai stood up slowly and saluted Ji Ruochen saying 'Martial Uncle take care' He struggled to walk to the main hall of the palace Ji Ruochen watched his back disappear and then he took out Chiying and pointed to it [Changjiang Chinese First Issue] After flying around a centuries-old peach tree in the courtyard has been cut down Ji Ruofa picked up the trunk waved Chiying and in a few moments cut the branches and leaves of the peach trunk into a three-foot stick Chemicals He conveniently waved feeling that the length and weight were very convenient and his heart was quite satisfied so he took out more than ten already painted incantations to exorcise filth and evil spirits and carefully pasted them all over the stick body He examined his whole body carefully again and when he saw that everything was ready he took the stick and went to the room to see if Zhang Yinyin had sobered up If she was still drunk she had no choice but to use the symbol to remove the strength of her body although it was a pity that the wine was good but after all it was important to save her life After entering the bedroom Ji Ruochen was stunned It turned out that after so many hours Tsing Yi had not yet called Zhang Yinyin up

But Tsing Yi was not in a hurry at all just shaking her gently Look at Tsing Yi's gentle gesture not to mention that Zhang Yinyin is very drunk at the moment even if he is conscious maybe he can be made to sleep by Tsing Yi She's not up yet Use the ice amulet it's too late! Ji Ruochen urged Tsing Yi gave a cry He didn't expect Ji Ruochen to be in such a hurry "Don't worry Childe" he said "She's getting up now" With that Tsing Yi bent down and whispered in Zhang Yinyin's ear "The Childe went out with a coquettish woman" "What!" Zhang Yinteng sat up with a murderous look in his eyes "Where is this shameless man now" He said angrily Watch me cut off his dog's head! Tsing Yi smiled shallowly and said to Ji Ruochen "Master Yin Yin has woken up" Ji Ruochen's peach-wood stick pointed to the ground and in his left hand there was a soft yellow light As soon as he closed his five fingers he hid the brilliance in the palm of his hand The white tiger and the dragon and elephant looked at each other and both of them were surprised They all saw clearly just now that Ji Ruochen had passed through the middle of the two demons with mysterious footwork and then clapped his backhand on the back of the neck of the two demons in a moment that could not be broken so that he could defeat the enemy at one stroke However the more you recall Ji Ruochen's body method the more surprised you are Ji Ruochen's footwork is totally free from the fireworks of the world which is all right after all there are many famous footwork that can also do this However Ji Ruochen's footwork seems to move according to the weather but when you think about it it's not the same thing at all

He lifted his legs and stepped down China Manufacturers just like the fallen leaves coming naturally with the wind But the wind is changing rapidly and the fallen leaves are also fluttering Er Tianjun was not in a hurry to start He calmed down and watched again Sure enough Ji Ruochen circled around the three-headed evil spirits that came one after another and destroyed the three demons again The footwork this time is completely different from the last time and there is no rule at all "The yellow light in his hand" said the Dragon Elephant Lord of Heaven in a low voice "looks like a rainbow a treasure of removing filth" "No" replied the Lord of the White Tiger in a low voice "there is another dark red in the yellow light It should be a broken magic necklace that has been refined again! This thing the world has never heard of a few pieces Seeing that Ji Ruochen had a treasure in his bosom and his position was respected Tsing Yi and Yin Yin who had a big background followed him closely For a time both of them knew that it was now or never and they all had the heart to follow him There is no bullet window in Changjiang Chinese but the peach stick in Ji Ruochen's hand doesn't look like the treasure of the immortal family I don't know what to use it But this stick was held in the hands of Ji Ruochen and I think it must have a wonderful use It seems that it is not that the peach stick is not good but that Ertianjun's eyesight is not good After realizing this the Dragon Elephant and White Tiger both deeply felt that they had not done enough In the future when they had time they should work hard and cultivate their eyesight

Long Xiang Tian Jun suddenly took a breath of cold air and shouted "No!"! Take away the magic weapon! Without waiting for the White Tiger Tianjun to answer he shook his big hand and took back a tabletop-sized glittering wheel blade into his body The white tiger day gentleman sees the opportunity is also extremely quick immediately also received the magic weapon It turned out that although Ji Ruochen had removed the yellow light from his hands after breaking the evil spirit the faint bright yellow light was like a solitary lamp in the sea one bright and one dark which had attracted the eyes of many evil spirits who fed on Reiki! The dragon is like a white tiger and the magic weapon is brilliant Why don't you attract all the demons around you Ji Ruochen gritted his teeth and rushed head-on into the group of demons Minerals & Metallurgy in the face of the onslaught of evil spirits! The white tiger dragon elephant two days gentleman separately left and right sides the blue clothes and Zhang Yinyin protected in the middle followed by Ji Ruochen into the vast night Giggle! Ha-ha! Hip hop! The sound of baby laughter sounded in the ears of the people overlapping in a twinkling of an eye the trickle has converged into a huge wave I do not know tens of thousands of babies laughing at the same time Tens of millions of pairs of eyes staring at the blood without pupils the eyes are like substance like a thorn in the back [Changjiang Chinese First

Issue] The baby's face was still crying but his mouth was full of clear and thin laughter The yellow light between Ji Ruochen's left hand flickered and his posture was like smoke and illusion He interspersed among the demons He was completely in a close-fitting and desperate posture He turned a deaf ear to the baby's laughter The peach stick was always in his right hand but he never used it The secret art of Zhang Yin Yin Tianhu is extremely powerful to both people and demons but it is powerful to these evil spirits However when she practiced the art she first refined her mind and her concentration was very good Now she heard the cry of a baby which was enough to make an ordinary monk lose his soul and go mad She only lost a little blood on her face Although Tsing Yi Taoism is weak it is completely unaffected by the baby But the two heavenly kings looked calm and although they had already used their skills to resist the sound of the baby they were calm on the surface They are like a leisurely stroll in the courtyard Zhenyuan suddenly rises and falls and only gathers Zhenyuan when the foreign enemy is close to them and all the dirty demons close to them are killed by one blow Seemed to see laughter invalid and I do not know which baby suddenly cried out "Dead!" " 。 trade-global.com

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