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Cast a fishing net to catch my husband.

The people outside showed no sign of letting them out They were so angry that they clapped the door and shouted in unison saying that Huang Dazhu was having a high fever and that if he didn't let them go he would die Xiao Yun Niang who had been outside the door saw that the big men were not moved at all She was so angry that she stamped her feet and went to Huang Youcai's house Unfortunately Huang Youcai's house was locked Xiao Yun-niang had to go home resentfully Xiao Jingtian and Zhuang Shuan bought tung oil in the town and bought some miscellaneous rivets for shipbuilding and so on Seeing that it was getting late they went home with bags of things After hearing about this Xiao Jingtian's face sank and he walked to the seaside Chapter 25 here he comes "Without Uncle Long's orders we can't let people go Besides we can't Home Appliances die even if we have a fever" Those big fellow don't know Xiao Jingtian arrogant way "roll roll who to intercede also useless your fish mouth village in the long is not good irritated Lao Tzu be careful to let you eat can't go" "You should get out not me" Xiao Jingtian said in a deep voice "As far as I know they didn't catch the fish in your fish pond It was you who were unreasonable first Hurry to let me go" "Well there's another one begging for a beating" Several people rushed up in a threatening manner The two sides fought together Mai Sui listened to the familiar voice outside and his heart could not help but be excited Yes he's here It's Brother Jingtian Xiao Liuzi lay down in the doorway and said excitedly "Look

Brother Jingtian has laid them all down" As soon as the voice fell the door was kicked open from the outside Xiao Jingtian's tall and burly figure appeared in the doorway as dazzling as a God Behind him several big men were lying on the ground groaning completely without the arrogance and domineering The crowd gathered around Excited they asked with some trepidation "Jingtian if you let us go Long Batian won't find you in trouble will he" "Don't worry I have something to say" "Let's all disperse" said Xiao Jingtian The crowd hurriedly surrounded Huang Dazhu and hurried out of the house hurriedly roaring toward the village lest those people catch them back again Mai Sui followed him out of the room and looked around at the discomfited scene He walked up to Xiao Jingtian and said guiltily "I'm sorry I made a mess for you" She knew that if she hadn't been locked up here maybe he wouldn't have come Just as well it's not your fault Xiao Jingtian pulled the corners of his mouth said nothing more and turned away Mai Sui hurriedly lifted her skirt and followed him The twilight is closing The orange sunset spread charmingly on the sea dotted with some low-flying seabirds and the evening breeze came gently wrapped in the breath of the sea He strode ahead his clothes flying Mai Sui couldn't help feeling hot in his heart He walked a few steps quickly and asked with concern "What should I do if Uncle Long embarrasses you" "It's my business You don't have to worry about it" Xiao Jingtian said without looking back China Factory Mai Sui shut his mouth knowingly During the meal Xiao Guitian saw that no one had mentioned that Xiao Jingtian had gone to the seaside to release people by force He could not help blaming him "Jingtian you are too impulsive today Whether they are wronged or not Uncle Long has to decide It's better for you to come or not It's strange that Uncle Long doesn't annoy you!" "Yes Uncle Long has just come to us to build a fish pond He has to be a tree

Even if he is caught by mistake it's nothing He hasn't been beaten or scolded but you can't hold your breath" Xiao Futian also complained "You don't think about it we are still working under Uncle Long how can we face Uncle Long when you make such a fuss" When Shen and Qiao heard this their eyes fell on the ears of wheat and their faces sank If it weren't for her how could the third brother be so reckless to provoke Uncle Long Really nothing to go to the beach to catch what fish pretend to be virtuous! The more the sisters-in-law thought about it the angrier they became If Uncle Long pursues it I will personally make it clear to Uncle Long that this matter has nothing to do with the eldest brother and the second brother Xiao Jingtian frankly said "Today I am not reckless but this is indeed their fault if this offended Uncle Long I should take responsibility alone" "We are all a family and we can't afford anything" "Xiao Zonghai put down his chopsticks and said to Xiao Futian and Xiao Guitian" At the worst we won't go to work with Uncle Long As long as the brothers are United we won't have a good life " Near the door of the sea suddenly became someone else's in fact he was not used to the villagers even if they really caught the fish in the fish pond it is not necessary to catch people in such an earth-shaking way! "Did my father tell us to listen to the Computer Hardware & Software third brother" Xiao Guitian is discontented "what he does we also follow what to do is this called the heart of unity" "Big Brother and Second Brother it's all because of me It's my fault" Mai Sui said guiltily "I gave you trouble

I really didn't know that Shallow Bay was also Uncle Long's territory" "Speaking of which it was a misunderstanding" Meng Shi is busy making a round way "I heard Yun Niang say they are catching fish in the shallow bay far away from Uncle Long's fish pond!" Only then did Xiao Futian and Xiao Guitian shut up picked up a few mouthfuls of rice at random and sullenly led their daughter-in-law and children back to the house Anyway this time Xiao Jingtian must have offended Uncle Long There is no reason to fight with people if they don't agree with each other In the end it's not them who are unlucky Father I know you like to be lively like to see our brothers and live together in harmony but father this is not good After they left Xiao Jingtian leaned against the windowsill and said seriously "You don't know that even if there are rich and powerful families outside they don't all live together As the saying goes a big tree has branches and many people have families Whether it's branches or families it's just to make the tree or family more luxuriant" "Yes too many seedlings do not grow and the fruit is not big" Meng looked thoughtfully at Xiao Zonghai and sighed "Since the children are willing to divide it's better to divide them You don't have to force the children to live together They still have a long way to go!" Meng is naturally willing to split up In other families the daughter-in-law looked at her mother-in-law's face but when she came here she adjusted it trade-global.com

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