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"Whether it's the guitar or the piano it's so good How long does it take to practice to have such proficiency" "Love the performance of Midsummer Night's Dream I really love it I declare myself a fan of them!" "Then again have you found one thing the voice of the lead singer seems to be exactly the same as the singer of Ru Meng Ling is it the same person" "Yes yes yes I can hear it too It can't sound like that Are they really the band Midsummer Night's Dream ultrasonic cutting machine that has been popular recently" While many audiences cheer and shout crazily many people are speculating about the identity of the three white wastelands and more and more people think that they are the creators of the dream order Unfortunately now is the game time we simply can not confirm can only cheer for them in the way of cheering It can be seen that Li Yu and Xu Qian as the leading teachers are very proud and the performance of the three white wastelands is far beyond their expectations which gives them a good eye-opening Not to mention the students of Wentian High School they simply shouted out their throats This is not a question of whether to arrange the face or not but really appreciate the performance of the three white wastelands

Then the hostess came to the stage and began to announce the next group of contestants Tonight's music competition will not end until at least ten o'clock Soon after the performance ended the three of them returned to the audience and sat with Li Yu and Xu Qian as well as other students from Wentian High School Taking advantage of this time many students in the same school are looking for Mu Qianlian and Chu Li to sign which is a rare opportunity Of course because of Bai Huang's outstanding performance this time they also asked Bai Huang to sign together There are three people in Midsummer Night's Dream which is indispensable Sitting quietly the crowd continued to enjoy the next performance hoping for an unexpected surprise After a while Chu Li quietly poked Bai Huang's waist and then went to Bai Huang's ear and said "Hey big wood if we really get the first place this time then I will confess to a boy" "Well all right I'll support you" Bai Huang answered casually and now he was enjoying the performance on the stage with all his heart Seeing Bai Huang's indifferent appearance Chu Li beeped his mouth with grievance "aren't you curious about who that boy is" Hearing this Mu Qianlian immediately moved aside so that he could hear the next words of Chu Li clearly and the singing at the scene was very loud Mu Qianlian absolutely does not have the hobby of eavesdropping just some news really makes her very curious occasionally eavesdropping should be no problem Although she eavesdropped on Chu Li she was definitely not a bad child A few seconds later Bai Huang turned his head to the left and looked at Chu Li on the spot He found that Chu Li's current state was very aggrieved as if he had been bullied

What I didn't bully you Don't look at me with such a grievance Bai Huang preached Exhaling a breath Chu Li tried to keep his mood stable "I say again are you really not curious about who I'm going to confess to" "I'm not curious ultrasonic sonochemistry machine I know who you want to express your love to" Bai Huang said in a light manner Ah You know How could you possibly know ” Chu Li immediately startled she has never disclosed this matter to others even Mu Qian pity she has not disclosed how can Bai Huang know It's impossible! This is absolutely impossible! " Tell me about it Whom do you think I should confess to Chu Li went on Without any hesitation Bai Huang immediately opened his mouth and said a word Coincidentally when Bai Huang said the word a high-pitched voice came from the stage which made Bai Huang's voice completely covered up and could not be heard But! And white wasteland can be called close at hand Chu glass how can not read what white wasteland is saying white wasteland just said that word clearly is' I am ' Well yes Bai Huang just said the word "I" and nothing else Everything is so simple and clear Beautiful face quickly flushed Chu Li immediately moved his line of sight did not go with the white wasteland to continue to look at each other God this is what is going on ah why the white wasteland actually guessed her mind is she really so obvious

Think impassability Chu Li is really think impassability where to go wrong she has been expressing love to Mu Qianlian before Bai Huang can not find any clues But the fact is that the white wasteland is now guessed out effortlessly Ah! Heart sent out a burst of wail Chu Li covered his mouth really do not know what to say the true sense of the heart such as hemp a blank mind On the other hand she was completely in a state of confusion because she had not heard what Bai Huang had said ultrasonic dispersion machine just now so she subconsciously thought that Bai Huang had not said anything that is she had never opened her mouth Watching Chu Li's extremely shy reaction Mu Qianlian had to hug Chu Li a little although he did not know exactly what had happened but he should comfort Chu Li's mood first Girls will always have such a day every month Mu Qianlian can still understand Chu Li A pair of watery eyes looked at Mu Qian Lian Chu Li threw himself into Mu Qian Lian's arms "Pian son I am too difficult even a secret can not be hidden" Patting Chu Li on the back Mu Qianlian can only comfort herself in this way and her mother comforted herself in this way when she was a child After a while Chu Li seems to be a lot of calm slowly sitting straight body the line of sight has been staring at the front of the stage as if nothing had happened in general Well the change of face after being comforted for a while Chu Li directly came to a change of face where there is just a little bit of shyness See this state Mu Qianlian slightly tilted his head this is to express the meaning of very puzzled Chu Li's face-changing skills are even more powerful than her she is convinced Bai Huang's words are still watching the stage performance and have not been affected by what happened just now After all he had already discovered the secret of Chu Li Chapter 372 the highest audience support rate fycgsonic.com

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