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The Life of a Playgirl

Mr Shiping thought the student was funny and pitiful Last night the student was so helpless that he could not find the edge of life but for a day because of an unintentional misunderstanding because of a little coincidence he immediately raised his soul as if he had grasped the center of life for this real confusion he completely lost his original sympathy for the student He felt that Luo was also pitiful and that this woman who had trampled her feelings in her wayward behavior was very happy to find the subject of masturbation and stab others with the edge of words She imagined that because of the beauty of her inflatable water slide youth she had the right to trample on the feelings of others with her own beauty and for this reason she let the young man love her

She wanted to suffer others as the basis of her own happiness and did what other women would not do and she was laughing in her heart at this time Mr Shiping said with a little sarcasm "Carol you are happy for your cleverness" Luo turned to Mr Shiping "So Mr Shiping is troubled by his cleverness" Why don't you be confused Why do you have to be so serious Why do you try to know what you don't know and think you know what you can't know and suffer on it "This is being a man!" "But is it your choice to behave like this" "You think you should choose" Or there's still a chance to choose isn't there "I choose what I want" "Or according to the opportunity to allocate down to take in the opportunity people will not have a choice" Not only life and career but also friends and love Some people think they choose to do it but in fact they still take the most convenient one at hand "I deny the theory" In a word if the theory is empty it can be denied naturally If it is true then the denial should be found in other people's lives or in their own lives "Mr Shiping I'm going to show you the evidence Just wait a few days"

When Luo said this she used the usual voice of protest and the college student couldn't help laughing out loud when he heard it Mr Shiping did not want to say any more Inflatable dry slide because he saw that the college student was more presumptuous in the misunderstanding It was ridiculous and pitiful to see this person first but now he saw that this person was no longer restrained which made Mr Shiping unhappy He thought I was working hard for him and though I had nothing to say there was an air of gratitude to help me He thought the proof was that he loved him The boy really got his happiness in a muddle As he thought about this Mr Shiping said "You must feel that you can choose what you want too don't you" The college student saw a little and his throat was strangled by love The woman answered in a general voice "I agree with Miss Lo" "Very good very right you also believe you choose what you want unexpectedly got!" There was a sneer in Mr Shiping's voice and he wanted to say "Your words are chosen and said but your things are completely misunderstood" But the student's gratitude for him and the humility of his faith still softened Mr Shiping and hardened him He had to say "You can believe in your own ability this is a very happy thing!"

" As she did not know the conversation they had had the day before the expression of intimacy with the student at this time was nothing more than a momentary act of vanity In order to deliberately excite Mr Shiping she said she wanted to act with the student surnamed Zhou For the sake of Mr Shiping's anger she said that she could choose what she wanted But lat when large inflatable water slide she saw that that student was a little indulgent and said some stupid things she was reluctant to give up all the right of Mr Shiping She then talked about her uncle's side of the family so that the students felt that they had no share in themselves and the students had to leave when they arrived After the students left Luo looked at Mr Shiping with a little sadness and said in a low voice "Don't be angry with me I'm a game!"!

That's my temper ” Mr Shiping held Luo's hand and seemed to be surrounded by a kind of melancholy and he looked a little tired of his mood "Can I be angry with you" Don't you know clearly that what I said about acting was a lie Why did you come to talk to him at this time He has turned to a misfortune in a state of misunderstanding and he thinks you love him! Thought you loved him enough! Are you willing to live on this misunderstanding I can't say anything and I don't have to say anything I only say clearly at this time that you should do what you want to do Luo felt a little confused "Why is there such a terrible misunderstanding when you talk to him like this" "Didn't you say that men are extremely shallow in matters of both sexes" "But this is an introverted melancholy man" "You mean that all such people are very contented aren't they" "I think so because he doesn't look like a man who flatters himself" 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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