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Blasphemy _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise

The Book of the Seven Days Redemption of the Sixth Day (III) The afternoon sun shone lazily on the beautiful Elf Valley coating the surrounding lush forest with a warm pale red The fastest update is that the surrounding mountains are very quiet but the elves in the valley are hurrying back and forth which seems very busy Around the floating temple in the middle of the valley hundreds of huge magic symbols of one meter square have been cast These magic symbols are exquisitely made and shine with different magic luster in the sunshine Each magic symbol is made of different rare metals or magic raw materials Not to mention the value of the design of this magic array and the incredible craftsmanship involved in making these giant symbols the materials used in these magic symbols alone are more than priceless Even the three empires Inflatable water park on lake could never have the financial resources to create such a luxurious magic array At this time there is a spirit sitting on each magic symbol These spirits male and female young and old all dressed in plain robes hung their heads in meditation and remained motionless It's just that many of the elves are tired and have obviously been meditating for a long time Once in a while one of the elves could not hold on and fell and then the elf would be carried away and a new elf would come to fill his place Every elf that was carried away was dying not simply tired

Their life force seemed to have nearly dried up and even some elves closed their eyes forever on the way Faced with one fallen companion after another the elves were not sad There was only reverence and sanctity on their faces and they calmly faced the departure of their companions This is the destiny of these elves and everything they have done in their long lives of hundreds of years is for this moment today Magic charms are like bottomless mouths endlessly devouring the vitality of the elves and through the invisible network they are collected and transported to the temple floating in the air The temple in the sky radiates a faint light All kinds of halos flow softly appearing mysterious magnificent and solemn It sent out a deep melodious chirp It seems to celebrate this sacred and solemn moment In the Elf Valley surrounded by mountains at this solemn and holy moment there is still a discordant corner in one corner of the valley There is an unremarkable small building in the Elf Valley From time to time there would be a sad cry and a clear sound of metal knocking However Xiaolou was enveloped by an invisible magic boundary Not a sound could be heard outside so the noise inside the building did not disturb the sacred ceremony outside The second floor of the small building is an empty hall with a red crystal platform in the center on which a handsome tall and handsome young man is locked

The boy's whole body was red and Luo and his hands and feet were pierced by steel nails engraved with heavy inscriptions He was nailed to the crystal table but the steel nails pierced There's no trace of blood inflatable floating water park At the edge of the crystal table there is a busy elf girl Her long hair was pulled back casually and her beautiful face was seduced by fine beads of sweat which made her look very attractive She was busy with a mess of magic materials piled up at her feet and from time to time she would lean down and pick them up She held a small hammer forged by platinum in her right hand and her left hand fluttered up and down like a butterfly No matter what she felt out of the debris pile at her feet she just rubbed it casually and the material would immediately turn into a delicate chisel of the same material and the magic of its creation was really amazing She brandished a small platinum hammer and kept chiseling patterns on the teenager's face The strange thing is The young man's body was not like flesh and blood at all and every collision with the small chisel would make a clangorous metal crash As the chisel kept moving the boy's body was constantly splashed with metallic powder As soon as the powder leaves the body it shines and then dies in the wind The boy's whole body was twitching and he could not bear the torture inflicted on him by the elf girl But he seemed to be so afraid of the girl that he clenched his teeth and dared not say a word But the pain inflicted on him seemed unbearable so every now and then

He can't help screaming a few times Then under the angry gaze of the elf girl he forcibly shut up again When he let out another scream The girl finally could not bear it and chiseled the boy twice so painful that he almost held his breath Then the elf girl said angrily "What's your name"! Can't you stand such a little pain If the idle gods knew that my son would be so worthless where would you put my face! The boy was so frightened that inflatable castle with slide he trembled all over clenched his teeth and dared not cry any more The elf girl stared at the boy left and right and murmured "He doesn't look like him at all" If only you were half as tough as your father! I can also take you to show off with those idle gods! Now I have to find a way to hide it from them! The boy wanted to say something but as soon as he touched the elf girl's eyes he was so frightened that he shut his mouth again The elf girl looked at the boy's body carefully Suddenly she sighed and said "Don't blame your mother for being cruel

Although your body is strong you still can't resist the tearing of the void between the planes" If I have a soft heart and your body lines are not engraved completely then you will be torn apart by the storm in space one day in the endless drift Mother knows that you don't know how long you have to endure loneliness before you drift to the next station It doesn't matter Mom will leave you this hammer with creative power When you really can't stand loneliness you can try to build something to accompany you The boy mustered up his courage and asked "Mom why do I have to drift" It's cold in a space storm! The elf maiden was silent for a moment and then she began to beat again sighing lightly "If not how can you escape the final judgment" "Can't my mother accompany me" Teenagers are timid The elf girl shook her head and sighed faintly joyshineinflatables.com

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