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President Leng lured an impure maid.

Listening to Lin Tianhao's sincere words Fang Xiaolu's eyes became wet in her heart Lin Tianhao has always been an out-and-out playboy devil now from his mouth to say such tender words so that she was moved at a loss I'm just an ordinary girl from a poor family and I've had the experience of being pregnant out of wedlock For a man like Lin Tianwu who has advantages in all aspects I'm really not the best choice Tianhao I want to ask Inflatable 5k obstacle you something You have to tell the truth Ask Do you really like me Lin Tianwu did not answer but raised his hand and made a gesture to hit Fang Xiaolu Draw a dagger on the beach to show his anger that the fawn still doesn't trust him No no you can just ignore this problem So I want to ask you why do you like me Yeah why do you like her Lin Tianwu also asked himself more than once indeed Fang Xiaolu from all aspects is not his ideal object and even she was a problem girl but he kept bickering with her kept torturing each other in love with this kind-hearted optimistic woman Fang Xiaolu will not get along with himself as utilitarian as other women nor will he seek his money In contrast to her he sees not only her people but also her heart Looking at Lin Tianwu did not answer his question for a long time Fang Xiaolu can not help but be disappointed it seems that he is really so bad that

Lin Tianwu can not say what he likes Seeing the disappointed expression on Fang Xiaolu's face Lin Tianwu pinched her face lovingly "Xiaolu you are kind lovely and sincere In short I am very happy with you" To paraphrase the classic old saying 'You don't need a reason to love someone' I don't know when this love has quietly entered my heart Now I may not be able to give you a satisfactory reason at the moment but I'm sure what I'm thinking in my heart I'm also sure that my feeling makes me want to stay with you forever This time Fang Xiaolu smiled with satisfaction She raised her toes put her arms around Lin Tianhao's neck and took the initiative Inflatable water obstacle course to kiss him Warm lips interweave together this kiss is meaningful and lingering bit by bit moistening and silent Both of them are feeling each other's feelings with their hearts Yes they all feel the sincere love in each other's hearts at the same time Very late Lin Tianwu sent Fang Xiaolu back to school Xiaolu there are too many things in the company these days I may not be able to come to see you every day Take good care of yourself I'll pick you up on the weekend Well Tianwu you go to do your business Brother Tianchen has just recovered

Don't let him be too tired And Uncle Lin is old Jumping castle with slide You should be more considerate of him Lin Tianhao smiled and pinched Fang Xiaolu's nose "Well Obasan you read it endlessly" Besides you have no conscience You care about my brother and my father but you put all the burden on me in order to make it easy for them "Lin Tianwu you said I was an old woman" Fang Xiaolu jumped up and down and when their eyes met they laughed at the same time This kind of tone should be what men and women in love should have All right go back to rest quickly and drive slowly Although Fang Xiaolu pushed Lin Tianhao to the side of the car with his hand his heart was full of reluctance All right I'm going I'll see you this weekend Lin Tianhao kissed Fang Xiaolu on the forehead and jumped into the Bentley and left Fang Xiaolu looked at the back of the Bentley car and his heart was filled with reluctance "Hey they've already gone away Are you going to keep looking here and turn into Wangfu Stone" Fang Xiaolu was startled and turned to see that it was Su Ting Next to him was a tall and handsome man with sunshine on his face Su Ting it's you who scared me Fang Xiaolu saw his intimate scene was seen by friends blushing hot she had never mentioned Lin Tianhao with Su Ting before It's me I just came back and saw a wonderful literary film Ha let me introduce you This is Qin Huanyu Fang Xiaolu blushed and shook hands with Qin Huanyu "My name is Fang Xiaolu"

Qin Huanyu smiled brightly "I've heard so much about you Su Ting talks about you almost every day" Su Ting did you speak ill of me behind my back Fang Xiaolu pretended to be angry and kept a straight face to cover up his embarrassment Do you have any teeth Tingting often praises you to me saying that you are her best friend in the semester Qin Huanyu finished and smiled at Su Ting who pretended to be innocent That's more like it Don't delay Inflatable water park factory your + J to see you off again I'll go back to the dormitory first Fang Xiaolu temporarily said goodbye to Qin Huanyu and Su Ting and ran back to the dormitory with joy She knew that Su Ting would torture her when she came back Then she would confess everything She had talked about Lin Tianhao with Su Ting before because she had a special relationship with Lin Tianhao Moreover at that time she hated Lin Tianhao very much Unexpectedly in just a few days things have taken a dramatic turn As his good friend Fang Xiaolu must let Su Ting share his happiness Volume 3 Demon Man PK Demon Man Chapter 153 Hijacking

(Words in this chapter 2289 Updated 2009-10-3 193500) Xiaofan was bored with a full basket and walked back to Lin's house Recently all the people in the Lin family are preparing for the engagement banquet of Lin Tianchen and Ye Jingya so they have to be reduced from Tian Yajun's exclusive maid to the present situation of buying food and cooking Come to the Lin family time is not short but he did not do anything although before that Fang Xiaolu made some trouble but in the end not only cast a frame to her but let her turn into a daughter and now go to school proudly joyshineinflatables.com

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