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Hades Next-The setting sun is infinitely good

The Lord of the tomb on the wall a Ding gave out a cold laugh and his dead eyes seemed to envelop everyone and his voice hit everyone's ears like a heavy hammer The opportunity is always there in an instant! See you how to master-do not kill the boss it is difficult to live oh! I go also Take care of yourself! Every word contains a threat to kill janeadam Reply [12] The thick fog has dispersed Chen Xing Xiao Dao Er Gou Wei Yiyi An Yingying and Xiao Shovel all gathered around the eldest brother Everyone's hands more or less have a few tools put together there is a whole set of more Obviously it was found and held in the hands of each Inflatable indoor park other But there is no trace of Huang Zilan nor the whereabouts of Wang Jia and Wang Mu in this strange region it seems that there are only seven of them left Where is Huang Zilan Isn't she with you The eldest asked the knife I The knife looked at Chen Xing "we were together at first and then" Yeah I didn't even see her It was after the fog and we were anxious to find you

The eldest looked up and saw that the green light overhead was weakening He pondered for a moment and said "Maybe she's already with someone else" Don't worry about her for the time being The most urgent thing is to find Wang Jia and Wang Mu first otherwise it will be very difficult for us to get out Xiao Dao and Er Gou "Master" said Xiao Dao and Er Gou together Lao Daodao "You prepare some food and water-the flowers in the stream are food" Hurry up "Yes" they said "Eldest child again" Chen Xing small shovel "Chen Xing small shovel answered together …… You search around to see if you can find Huang Zilan count 500 times silently as the limit and when you count 350 times you quickly return and give up the search The two men answered and spread out Only Wei Yiyi and An Yingying were Inflatable outdoor park left The eldest looked but saw that their abdomens were much bigger and it seemed that the fetus in their stomachs had grown up a little He shook his head slightly and sighed softly The two women noticed that in the eldest brother's eyes there was already a color of worry that could not be concealed When the eldest brother's eyes swept to the two men again both of them hurriedly avoided the eldest brother's line of sight and tried to pretend to look around You The boss's heart moved But as soon as he changed his mind he changed his mind and said "How do you feel now" The two women hung their heads in silence The eldest brother shook his head slightly and said "Forget it There's no need to answer" Moments later Xiaodao and Ergou had returned and Chen Xing and Xiaozhu had rushed back respectively

As soon as I saw the look of the two men I knew that there must be no harvest Let's go The eldest brother made a prompt decision and led the way first The seven of them came to the place where Wang Jia and Wang Mu first stood inflatable amusement park Although there was still an air mass rising in the stream here the stream was already cold and biting and there was no warmth The temperature has dropped again "Isn't Zhu Qian dead yet" The shovel said worriedly The eldest brother pondered for a moment and shook his head "Let's look around and see if we can find anything" They searched separately and in a moment Ergou found an arrow pointing to the edge of the "convex" platform in the middle Not far in the direction of the arrow on the edge of the ring road the shovel found a granite hole the wall of which was faintly carved with an arrow The cave was so dark that people filed in and found that the terrain was still slanting downward Isn't that right Chen Xing first raised objections "How can the exit be below" The eldest brother pondered for a moment "It's hard to say The terrain here is very strange Maybe it's hard to say from bottom to top" "Listen-shh!"! -Listen! An Yingying suddenly pointed to her lips as if she had found something All the people listened quietly and suddenly they heard someone talking faintly It's them-come on! Follow the sound! The eldest brother led the way first and hurried forward Moments later the voice could be heard clearly Sure enough it was the voices of Wang Jia and Wang Mu and they seemed to be arguing about something Everyone quickened their pace and the voice became clearer The exit marked on the map is here and you can't go wrong Moreover represents our small white spot is also on this'city ' as long as entered the'city' can go out It's Wang Jia's voice I don't think it's possible I don't know what age this picture is Time can change everything

If the terrain has not changed for thousands of years it is not normal What's more in our area there have been many major earthquakes in history Even though this was originally an exit I'm afraid it must have become an entrance now It's Wang Mu's voice In any case the opportunity is rare Whatever we say we must open the slate and have a look janeadam Reply [13] "Is it still down" If you are not forgetful you should remember that the underground in this area may be buried hills buried in hundreds of thousands of meters of underground sediment If we enter the buried hill and encounter another landslide people will only be inflatable bounce house with slide able to find our fossils or a few kilograms of black coal in thousands of years No way I don't agree to continue downward We have to change our thinking and think about how to go up "But the conclusion I came to after the divination is also here" How can this be explained Don't you believe in my metaphysical skills now "Letter" What about the letter

The Book of Changes deduces many fortune-telling theories but the terrain here is all mountainside underground The environment has changed! Not to mention that you are not very accurate in daily life even if you are usually a half-immortal guy you will be restricted here Do you know Lian Shan Yi Gui Zang Yi Don't you understand Don't tell me you suddenly understand everything Tell me I don't believe it Don't pretend to understand if you don't understand To be honest I hate the word "down" more and more If we go further down maybe we will really come out of the sewer of the White House "What's there" It's nice to be an American mouse-I think you agree with that! Eh What the hell! Say who's here! -Amu! See That really is a mouse! You see! You see! Hurry up! Look! There it is! 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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