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All-round female partner [wear quickly]

He Rin wore a small pink helmet with a confused expression on his face Passed a good while to just react to come over the meaning of Bai Yue all over the face dare not believe "Can you drive this kind of car" "Mmm" The white moon answered briefly She had touched this kind of motorcycle by accident in her previous life At this time holding the handlebar the familiarity of the soul came out naturally What is more difficult to ignore is the excitement of being eager to try in the bottom of my heart I'm afraid it's Wen Baiyue's mood Although Bai Yue has some worries that she is too seriously affected by Wen Bai Yue's mood but since Inflatable meltdown Wen Bai Yue wants to try but with a little effort Bai Yue is certainly willing to satisfy her little desire Looking at the white moon skilled posture he Rin's expression is complex and tangled probably did not expect the white moon even this kind of locomotive will open think of the previous he deliberately asked the white moon afraid of the words can not help but speechless look at the sky for their image in front of white moon more worried about a few minutes But when he thought that his girlfriend could do anything he felt an unknown sense of pride in his heart He finally understood the mood of parents showing off their children's grades everywhere but the difference was that while he wanted to show off the white moon he didn't want others to know that she was good

So contradictory just like when he was a child he got a favorite treasure the joy in his heart was almost overflowing and he couldn't wait to tell the world but he felt that his treasure had been lost by others so he couldn't help hiding it carefully hiding it in a place only he knew He Rin did not quite agree with Bai Yue to drive but for some reason he swallowed his opposition and sat in the back watching Bai Yue start the car After the car started it rushed out like an arrow from the bowstring The wind blew the white moon's breath She took a breath until her chest was suffocated In this way there was a different kind of stimulating and refreshing feeling from the bottom of her heart It was like some unknown emotion that had been pressing on inflatable air dancer her heart was blown by the wind and suddenly dispersed Gallop for a period of time two people arrived at the destination the white moon controlled the speed slowly down shouted a He Rin but did not get a response looked back at him He Rin wearing a helmet askew on his head put his hands around her waist put his chin gently on her shoulder looked at her side face with a red face and grinned silently Chapter 6 rebirth is not a puppet 06 For Bai Yue he has long been used to his silly behavior There were a lot of people in the game city on the weekend After parking the car they also squeezed in In the crowd He Rin held Bai Yue's wrist with one hand and her shoulder with the other hand carefully separating Bai Yue from the people around her A group of his good friends are in the partial position gathered together already playing in full swing the white moon looked around and found that most of the games they played were speed competitions and so on When beckoning He Rin he shook his head and did not go over Instead he looked around with a cool expression

The teenagers who had been with him for a long time could not see his thoughts Someone suggested "Let's go over there and have a look Inflatable mechanical bull " Following the direction pointed by the teenager he Rin's eyes brightened turned to look at the white moon did not know what to think of and coughed lightly In front of the young people there was still some lack of expression only a concise gesture "You play first" With these words he took the white moon to the place shown by the young man Can you play this Dance machine just find the right rhythm it's very simple Two people to the place that the teenager points to he Rin is pointing to a machine that one person is half tall to stare at the white moon expectantly Looking at his sparkling eyes the white moon did not understand why he was so excited I haven't played As soon as he said this sentence he Rin's expression was slightly lost Looking at each other's eyes Bai Yue suddenly thought of some kind of large dog acting like a spoiled child at his master She wanted to reach out and touch his head devilishly She endured and endured the impulse to raise her hand and finally turned to look at the dancing machine "But you can try it"

” After getting the answer he Rin immediately laughed twice at the white moon as if he was afraid of the white moon's regret hurriedly went up to coin the song turned around and stared at the white moon expectantly as if he had two ears standing up on his head just short of circling around the white moon Perhaps considering the white moon's first contact with these the difficulty of the song chosen by He Lin is two stars which is Inflatable bouncer relatively simple In fact the rules of the dancing machine are relatively simple as long as you keep up with the body movements on the screen and follow the arrow on the screen After the music began the white moon only stepped on the wrong beat a few times at the beginning and then gradually could keep up with the action Perhaps because Wen Baiyue has been dancing since elementary school this body has a soft waist quick reaction and extremely skillful movements but simple activities seem to arouse the body's inner desire to try so when the music stops Baiyue conveniently chooses a four-star song He Rin looked a little dumbfounded beside him and to his surprise the white moon jumped really well Apart from the fact that the first contact can be seen at the beginning less than a quarter of a song has mastered the rhythm of the initiative and every step is precise and in place

And it was only a simple movement which she did with an indescribable and moving rhythm He was a little excited at first but when he saw more and more people coming around and more and more people began to heckle around the white moon he somehow felt a little irritable Until the previous group of teenagers also squeezed into the crowd waving at the white moon and shouting "sister-in-law refueling" he Rin could not help but rush up with a black face and pull people down Surrounded by a circle of people are somewhat puzzled by his movements even the white moon expression is also slightly at a loss looking at the heart of He Rin has a kind of indescribable suffocation Sister-in-law dances very well Why don't you continue Maybe you can break the record! Surrounded by teenagers some people asked in puzzlement did not expect this'brush 'to detonate the anger of He Rin Break a fart! He Rin accidentally used foul language He reached out his hand and slapped the boy on the head "What bad idea did you come up with!" He said angrily 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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