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Rouge Robbery-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

Irene immediately knew that Li Xie had other intentions perhaps a joke looking for fun "You'd better not take this horse" he said Her words were surprising and Li and Zhang looked at her in surprise at the same time In the dim light of the lantern they saw her very clearly without any effort Li Qi was very interested and asked "Why did Miss Ai persuade you like this" Irene said "Because this animal is very difficult to wait on We don't Inflatable indoor park dare to ride it" Zhang Yifeng gave a long laugh and said "I see But don't worry Miss Ai We are all people who specialize in dealing with bad-tempered animals" "Brother Li is very straightforward" said Li Qi "Since the price is set by us you can't be missing" He raised his step to the black horse and said "We'll put on this horse now and we'll be on our way" "Then how much will you pay" Asked Li Xie "We have our own reasons" said Zhang Yifeng Richie went over to hold the chewing ring and the black horse stood quietly looking proud and calm not like an animal but like a wise and spiritual human being

The fierce rider sighed and said "Ah ah a good horse a good horse It must be a famous horse in Wanxi" His voice was full of admiration and admiration and he was willing to worship the foal Such feelings like the discovery of a beautiful jade by a good worker have greatly transcended the desire for possession and become a touching pious reverence He went on to mount the saddle and mount the horse vigorously with a neat and beautiful movement that made people know at a glance that he was a master of riding Irene was so moved by the way he sat upright in the saddle as if he had become one with the colt and was so impeccable that she changed her mind at the last moment and did not give the order to order the horse to play tricks on him Instead she gave a low hiss an order for the horse to obey Richie bent slightly clamped his legs pushed his hands slightly and the black horse rushed away at a surprisingly fast speed The sound of hoofbeats went far away in the dark Zhang Yifeng laughed and said "Ah what a good horse! What Inflatable outdoor park a good horse!" Li Xie turned his elbow to Irene in surprise and whispered "How can you let that fellow leave safely" "He is a knight of the first rank" said Irene "So that's it" said Li Xie "It's called selling goods and knowing people isn't it" They all chuckled and then Irene told him "Don't worry He's just trying his feet He'll be back in a circle" "I haven't bought a horse" said Li Xie "but I don't know if there are such rules" "Look" said Irene "isn't this Zhang still waiting for him here" "I don't have much interest in him" said Li Xie "It's his red-maned steed that suits me"

"That's a famous horse" said Irene "It's not under my black smoke" Li Xie raised his voice and said "Zhang Yun your mount is called Zhu Long isn't it" "Not bad" said Zhang Yifeng "I just don't know how much it's worth" said Li Xie Zhang Yifeng said "I don't know This is my castle owner's favorite horse inflatable floating water park He won't sell it even if it's about ten thousand taels of gold" "There are a lot of good horses in your castle aren't there" Said Li Xie "Yes" said Zhang Yifeng proudly "in terms of number this castle is not the first but when it comes to quality this castle is probably the best in the world We have more than three hundred horses with many breeds all of which are excellent horses "Is Zhu Long the best horse" Asked Li Xie "Yes" said Zhang Yifeng "ten of the best fast horses were selected in the first two months After a fight Zhu Long was the fastest and able to endure long distances" "If that's the case" said Li Xie "I'd like to discuss it with Brother Zhang" "What to discuss" Asked Zhang Yifeng "Can you give me Zhu Long" Asked Li Xie Zhang Yifeng froze for a moment and suddenly burst into a guffaw But seeing him in the saddle laughing his head off you heard the funniest joke in the world Li Xie waited for him to finish laughing and then said "What is Zhang Yun laughing at" "Have you ever heard of our castle before" Asked Zhang Yifeng "No" said Li Xie "I don't know the name of your castle or where it is

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