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You win when you're drunk.

Xiao Yun knew that his target was himself so he turned around and ran all the way to use his dexterous flying skills to jump up and down and played the game of eagle catching chicken with the old monster which made the old monster fly into a rage and roar Xiao Yun was afraid that if the snow monster did not rush into the valley she would not be able to meet Yin Feng So as she ran she teased the old monster with the song of neon clothes and feather clothes and from time to time she turned around and attacked the snow monster The old monster beat his chest and roared angrily He jumped into the air and turned into an electric awn trying to catch up with Xiao Yun at one stroke But Xiao Yun took advantage of the gap to rush into a forest and hid out of sight Snow monster electric shot of the body is only a moment has arrived x52 line pipe over the valley although it did not see Xiao Yun but recognized the shadow of Yin Feng So with a roar like thunder from the sky it was shot down suddenly from the air Back to the valley! Yin Feng made a prompt decision and rushed back to the valley with the Gu brothers Snow monster rumbled a blow failed to annihilate immediately chasing three people rushed to the valley Zhimin Zen Master and others also arrived at this moment and they suddenly saw Xiao Guai and could not help feeling a little nervous Spread out! "Don't confront this old monster head-on" said Quan Chong Zen Master

Zhi Min As a result the crowd immediately scattered into a half-arc nervously holding their ground and wanted to fight the snow monster to the death Yin Feng led the snow monster to the vicinity of the wound door and then turned around with a big thorn took down the diamond ring and stood brazenly and at the same time untied the heart sword and threw it to Rouer It's finally your turn Yin Feng said in a chivalrous tone "Don't you always want to replace Xiao Yun" You have to show some decent skills to bluff people! "You wait and see" Rouer said in a cold voice irritated by his pun She really wanted to put on a good show to make up for the contempt she had suffered for days Yin Feng lightly added "The sword is borrowed from you Remember to return it when it is used up!" Among them no one knew the origin of the heart sword and him except for the four grey-clad old nuns and Yin Mu who often made people forget their existence Everyone thought that Yin Feng missed people when she saw things so she didn't want to give the heart-asking sword to Rouer easily Although this idea is not entirely correct but Yin Feng more or less this meaning Holding the sword of asking the heart in her hand Rouer snorted coldly in her heart Snow monster see Yin Feng behind there are so many people around obviously also have some scruples So it slowed down and approached Yin Feng carefully step by step The old monster looked at the confrontational people one by one Suddenly it raised its head and hissed "Girl" Yin Feng was stunned She couldn't help laughing and said "Oh you know Xiao Yun is not here!" In fact he had just noticed that four shallow breaths which were trying to suppress had dived into the back of a densely forested slope on the left side of the valley as he threw his sword Girl The snow monster roared angrily again and it was obvious that it had to find Xiao Yun to settle accounts "What's your name smelly monster" She sneered If my aunt doesn't teach you a lesson today you won't know how powerful my Snow Mountain Bai family is! The snow monster stared at the heart-asking sword in her hand and new and old hatred came to her heart

It no longer cared whether the person holding the sword was Xiao Yun or not With a roar it raised its palm and swept it out With a twist of her slender waist Rou'er like a water snake shuttled through the wind of the snow monster's palm 316 stainless steel plate The cold light flashed and she had raised her sword to split the snow monster Unexpectedly the snow monster found someone who could come from the wind of the cold palm of heaven and earth with a big thorn in his face Shocked the old monster hurriedly stopped and jumped up staring at the girl who met him for the second time "What's the matter" Said Rouer with a proud sneer Are you scared You can't escape this time! As soon as she surprised the snow monster she felt very powerful At that moment she stepped on the palace without hesitation brandished her sword and went straight up looking as if she wanted to disembowel the snow monster and then was willing to do so Yin Feng however was displeased with her underestimation of the enemy He glanced at the Gu brothers and hinted "Inside the pile" Gu Yifeng and Gu Yilan glanced at Tianzhu knowing that Yin Feng's intention was to force the snow monster into the stake The two of them nodded knowingly waiting for an opportunity to wave their hands at the snow monster Yin Feng also jumped to join the battle circle the diamond circle swept up the golden light all over the sky and hit the snow monster with great power and courage Invisible in the forest Xiao Yun was sitting on the edge of the slope biting grass in her mouth looking at the four people fighting fiercely with the snow monster and babbling "Yes this is just like the original idea of the director"

You have to be serious and don't let the old monster slip away this time! Cui Pu laughed and said "Miss Yun are you really sitting here watching the play" "Why not" Xiao Yun giggled and said "Every time I try my best to show it to others This time 316ti stainless steel someone else tries his best to show it to me There's nothing wrong with that" Zhang Dexin watched the battle gradually turn into a fierce battle and asked softly "Girl do you think Master Yin can force the old monster into the black ice array" Xiao Yun estimated "As long as the battle situation remains unchanged if we continue like this we can first push the old monster close to the edge of the formation and then the big madman can use the Yuyang Wei Tuo magic skill with all his strength and then we can knock the old monster into the formation smoothly" At that time Maoshan disciples will launch the formation at the right time and the old monster will be frightened and rush in disorder As long as it rushes in it will affect the change of the whole Xuanbing formation And trap it in a dead corner when the wind and clouds change color the cold wind in the array is strong only a moment or two is enough to freeze the snow monster into a popsicle then there will be landslides and cracks the snow monster will be buried forever in the deep strata of the Dragon Valley and it will never come back then it will be done and the elimination of demons is over!

"Darling!" "This formation is really so powerful" said Tripp Xiao Yun shrugged her shoulders and said "I don't know if it's true or not Anyway we'll know the result when the snow monster is forced into the formation" Lu Shenghui was puzzled and said "It's strange that the Miao woman seems to be not afraid of the snow monster but the lone eagle and your brother can't get close to the snow monster" Why is that Is this the wonderful use of Tianluo Yu Xiao Yun frowned and said "No Tian Luoyu has no power without unfolding unless" "Well she can't be mistaken!" "What's the matter" The other three asked in unison Xiao Yun asked three people as if she had not heard she suddenly sat upright concentrating on Yin Feng and others in the fierce battle Yin Feng and the Gu brothers single-mindedly forced the snow monster to the edge of Dingtianzhu Seeing that she was about to approach the range of the Xuanbing array Rouer relying on the protection of Luo Yu once again passed through the snow monster's palm wind and raised her sword to slay lksteelpipe.com

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