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Future Gourmet and Rich Family's Favourite Marriage

More importantly in the prophetic dream that Ling Yaoyao told him Xiao Ming hid so deeply that in just one year he went from being the most humble prince behind him to establishing his own legion and three or four years later he succeeded in sitting on the throne! It can be seen that there must be a mysterious backer behind Xiao Ming Today the emperor is suffering from a serious genetic disease and his health is not very good He is hanging on rare and expensive high-grade food Genetic diseases are full of uncertainty but as long as there is no major stimulus they should not die in three or four years As for what Xiao Ming might uns s31803 sheet do to the Ling family that would destroy the whole Ling family Ling Xuan did not know and since he knew he naturally had to be on guard in advance He could not attack Xiao Ming in advance because of trumped-up charges but if he found that Xiao Ming had the intention to deal with the Ling family he would never be polite Ling Xuan assigned the task to Lu Lin let him from now on with the virus program all-weather monitoring of Xiao Ming's every move if there is any abnormality immediately report to him Unfortunately Xiao Ming's personal light brain was also the unknown top hacker to help him fully armed

Lu Lin wanted to monitor him can only wait for Xiao Ming on the star net and his positive contact starting from him In order to mobilize Lu Lin's energy he had to give Lu Lin a quarter of the insect meat pie dried insect meat and bittern meat prepared for him For the sake of the delicious food of worm meat Brother Lulin went very energetically These things Ling Xuan is naturally not prepared to tell Ling Yaoyao she only needs to do what she likes to do wholeheartedly Looking at the little girl worried about not being able to think of a new way to make insect meat Ling Xuan carefully recalled the delicious food he had seen and eaten and suddenly asked "What's the name of the roast chicken you made with round leaves and mud when you were training in the field of military training" You never seem to have done it again except that time Ling Yaoyao said "The beggar's chicken should have used lotus leaves but it was not available at that time so it was replaced by round leaves" But this time I want to use worm meat which is too tender to be suitable for beggar's chicken However inspired by Ling Xuan Ling Yaoyao thought of another Chinese delicacy made of lotus leaves which is also suitable for adding insect meat-poached rice! Hebao rice is a traditional snack with Guangdong characteristics It is made of rice pork barbecued pork roast duck shrimp crab meat eggs diced mushrooms and various seasonings After cooking it is wrapped in lotus leaves and steamed There are staple food meat and vegetables the combination of fragrance and fragrance very delicious! There is enough time for this live competition so you can bring your own food But the designated entry is limited to one dish in order to pursue better curative effect everyone will choose a variety of main courses give up the staple food she made a simple appearance the inside is the essence of the poached rice just stand out! It's novel enough and delicious enough! Because the taste of worm meat is similar to that of shrimp and crab worm meat can be used instead of shrimp and crab Although worm meat is not the main ingredient it can be used The most important thing is the delicacy!

The main purpose of this competition is to promote ancient Chinese cuisine and promote insect meat She should not only focus on insect meat Although insect meat is good uns s32760 plate it is only one of thousands of delicious ingredients It can be used as the main ingredient and naturally it can also be used as the auxiliary ingredient With this in mind Ling Yaoyao immediately opened the virtual panel and purchased the virtual ingredients he needed She has to prepare roast duck and barbecued pork in advance and the soup used in the process also needs to be boiled Ling Xuan ate Ling Yaoyao before he left the worm meat delicacies around Ling Yaoyao behind the girl's thin waist feeling that this is the happiest moment of the day heart and stomach have been satisfied Looking at her busy appearance Ling Xuan volunteered "I apply for help" Ling Yaoyao took a look at Ling Xuan and felt that he was a little clumsy and that some things were not as good as intelligent robots However her first round is just to practice and it will take many experiments to find out the best match It doesn't matter if the level of the assistant is a little worse After all when Ling Xuan accompanied her on the mecha battle platform he never took her away because of her poor level

Ling Yaoyao thought about it and said "All right but can you take your claws away first" Don't expect much help at least don't make trouble for me! Ling Xuan picked up Ling Yaoyao and sat on the clean cooking table letting her face him Ling Xuan with his cold and domineering face said seriously "Don't make trouble You can let me kiss for ten minutes first I promise to be obedient and listen to you" Ling Yaoyao was embarrassed and a little shy "" Is ten minutes too long one minute Ling Xuan's eyes were dark "Ling Yaoyao" he said coldly "If you bargain again it will take twenty minutes!" The tone is very overbearing 347 stainless steel unswerving! Ling Yaoyao suddenly recalled the military training he wanted to punish her if she dared to talk back he also said so Ling Yaoyao couldn't help being weak He took the initiative to embrace his strong and thin waist and buried his head in his generous chest to rub coquettishly "Well well that's ten minutes" Officially together

Ling Xuan occasionally show the overbearing Ling Yaoyao not only do not hate most are willing to follow him Beauty is probably in the eye of the beholder and when you like him even his unlikable shortcomings are lovely Ling Xuan's cold face tried to tighten the cold expression instant broken work eyes are full of tenderness and spoiling The charming and beautiful girl's soft red lips dexterous pink tongue sweet body fluid delicious and provocative made his mind ripple more than all the delicious food she made he was addicted to it and never tired of eating it Ling Xuan's kiss from gentle restraint to lingering melancholy to infatuation and finally restore calm restraint And Ling Yaoyao also from the beginning of the shy to gradually will take the initiative to respond to be kissed by him soft and powerless At the end of the long kiss Ling Xuan hugged the grinding little girl and gently kissed her forehead nose tip and cheek sighing in depression "I really don't want to let you go" 。 lksteelpipe.com

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