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Playing the Universe in Online Games

With this in mind the black knife became even more excited as if he could not use up his strength and soon came to the mainland Do it quickly! Several figures are the fastest the first to arrive the body flashing a faint blue light wind elements around the body philosophy of the fastest nature is the God level or the wind attribute in the God level Their figures were obviously very flexible and before they reached the black knife the long sword in their hands had already been taken out shining with the light blue luster of the wind attribute Although they are very fast there are still many strong people behind them who are not much slower than them From their expressions the black knife looks like a piece of fat meat Their eyes were full of greed and they all stared at each other tightly Dark gold is not x56 line pipe a bad body Black knife voice low hum the whole body suffused with a faint metallic luster His body had turned dark gold and he was staring at the nearest enemy Of course the hands also took out the bloody long knife since this sucked the blood of the last god-level mercenary looks even more bloody as if the surface is full of fresh blood It gives people a very strange feeling which is quite different from before Every time the enemy is injured part of the blood will be sucked at the same time The black knife judged that this was his true colors which was estimated to be the reason why he had not been stained with blood for a long time in the advanced civilization and gold civilization Chinese website "Good coming!"

The long knife of the black knife swings out fiercely the sound of metal sounds the body of the black knife shakes and the other side steps back Incredible face after all this is a god-level mercenary ah and the other side is only a demigod But it's just a short moment Several mercenary soldiers with wind attributes have arrived and surrounded the black knife from both sides Magic! Wind arrows flutter The first one is in a hurry as a mercenary It is rare to attack at the expense of precious divine power A little bit of pale blue power poured in along the sword and waved it out Hundreds of wind blades came head-on The mercenary soldier who had just fought with the black knife obviously thought that the target of the task was already his own Let no one else get their hands on it The two mercenaries were surprised After all there were very few mercenaries who were willing to use their divine power Suddenly to both sides to hide has suffered the disaster of the fish pond Looking at hundreds of arm-sized compressed wind blades the feeling of looking at the ring in front came out again although it was much better than the attack on the ring The long sword in the hands of the black sword became a whirlwind of blood which was blocked abruptly in order to test its power personally

At the same time as the wind blade was displayed the mercenary soldier had moved forward softly and followed closely behind the wind blade A crackling explosion! The space shook unceasingly the black knife even withdrew tens of meters slightly panting the clothes on the body also had several cuts also flowed out a few traces of blood but looked at his expression obviously more excited Damn that's cool! Their own personal feeling in the end is not the same if this attack slightly spread point uns s32750 sheet the original Thor under the demigod enough to destroy dozens Seeing that a little demigod was all right under his magic those people could not help but be stunned Five times the reward it's worth it to perform magic The two god-level mercenary soldiers who had dodged suddenly said but when they saw that he had no success even if he was happy and worried he obviously did not intend to waste his divine power to perform magic so as not to waste it Happy is very simple the goal has not been taken away by others worried about nature is that the magic has not completed the task the demigod is too powerful no wonder it is worth five times the commission In such a flash behind the other attributes of several god-level mercenaries also arrived even if a large number of demigod mercenaries are not far away At a glance the black knife frowned do not use the baby a good chance to fight seems to be gone In an instant pale black ripples with blood spread from the black knife Field! The mercenary soldiers around were frightened but it was too late and they were enveloped by the invisible ripples in an instant especially the god-level mercenary soldiers with other attributes who had just arrived and had not yet caught their breath were trapped inside The demigods in the distance stopped suddenly and many people were talking Owned the field No wonder the reward is five times

” Realm is a kind of talent although the lowest demigod can understand but not all demigods can understand can not understand the demigod even if the God can not have the realm so the realm is only a small number of outstanding people can have but also a symbol of strength Field "" Thor's god-level strong man was hidden in the crowd which seemed to have been expected by him and he would be surprised if such a powerful enemy did not even have the field Although the mercenaries who were encircled in the field began to be surprised they soon calmed down and got used to the strong sense of depression that existed 321 stainless steel sheet all the time After a few words of consultation they reached a consensus A mercenary soldier of the wind attribute quickly circled around the crowd twice and said "The speed has been suppressed by 40%!" "The power has been suppressed by 20% to 30% which seems to belong to the compound field but both sides have been suppressed" Another fist-shaking mercenary opened his mouth and said "The khaki field should suppress speed the light blue field should restrain power and the dark black field should be corrosive but this red and black field can suppress speed and power at the same time

It's really a troublesome enemy" It's a very strange field and the most important thing is that the blood of the whole body is churning One of the oldest mercenary soldiers opened his mouth and said with a dignified face "Does it belong to a special field" No it's a triple field The faces of the others changed again and at the same time they felt the boiling of their own blood vessels Can have a kind of effect already pretty good this domain not only has suppress speed still have force still have this kind of peculiar effect unexpectedly This makes the strong of these mercenaries feel unusual breath but after all they are god-level or very confident At this time several teams of demigod mercenaries outside discussed it and went straight into the field Where's the captain The faces of these teams changed They came in to meet the god-level captain and looked around In addition to the blood-colored black fog the strong men of the mercenary team who had clearly seen the cover were missing lksteelpipe.com

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