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Genius Dan Pharmacist: Ghost King Poison Concubine

"The human who was imprisoned by the Master in the Hades Hall a year ago is Uncle Jing" Si Ming's eyes widened in surprise but without the command of the ghost Lord he could not enter the temple of Si Ming so he had never seen the human At that time I was secretly surprised for a while but I didn't think that the man was Uncle Jing Just then the voice of the ghost Lord sounded in the Hall of the Hades "Si Ming come in" "Aunt Yue the master is summoning me I'll go in first" But you can rest assured that I will find a way to save Uncle Jing! Although he could not betray his master he could not ignore Uncle Jing and he always Stone Honeycomb Panel remembered the kindness of that year At that time Aunt Yue and Uncle Jing as well as Xiao Ling gave him the last trace of warmth in the world which made him feel that the world was not all cold and heartless So in his heart for Mu Qianyue and Nalan Jing Nalan Xueling three people he has always had a strange feeling in his heart see them as if to see the same as relatives "Yes" Mu Qianyue nodded and her eyes narrowed gently Si Ming stepped into the yard his small face slightly calm and cold with a maturity that did not match his age

But at this time Szeto Mo walked out he walked to the front of Mu Qianyue look cold "the ghost Lord has entered the chamber of secrets must be using the holy magic flower to devour the soul of Nalanjing Xiaoyue you still feel at ease to stay with me" He can do it and so can I! You can never replace him in my heart! So don't dream of taking his place! Mu Qianyue looked up at him coldly and walked to Blu's side "Blu are we good friends" "Of course we are good friends best friends!" There was a trace of doubt in Blu's eyes but he still nodded firmly Mmm Mu Qianyue smiled and nodded suddenly raised his palm a hand knife quickly patted Blu's neck only to see his eyes closed and quickly fainted in the past After putting down Blu Mu Qianyue turned to look at Szeto Mo with a trace of coldness in her dark and clear eyes As soon as her mind moved several rays of light lit up from her body and fell to the ground surrounding Szeto Mo These people are Mu Ru Tian Mo Shang Feng Ling and Tian Shuo Muru Tianmu stared coldly at Szeto Mo the cold corners of his mouth raised a touch of bloodthirsty killing endured for a few days and now he can finally come out and move his hands and feet! This despicable and shameless guy covet the master not to say but also dare to seal her strength is really damned! Chapter 1084 reunion! 【1】

Tianshuo's eyes are equally cold and malicious Xiao Xuaner began to rub his hands murderous revenge time has come! "Fengling you and Ru Tian Tian Shuo Xi Mo stay Xuan Er go in with me!" Mu Qianyue said in a cold voice turning to look at Nalan Xueling and Ke Yingying beside her "You two also stay to help" As soon as the words fell Slate Wall Panel he went directly into the Hall of the Underworld The Phantom's footwork unfolded and after a few ups and downs he disappeared in front of everyone The reason why she knocked Blu out was that she didn't want Blu to get involved in the dispute After all Blu was Shura and he would continue to live in the nether world If he gets involved I'm afraid there will be no place for him in the future But they are not the same rescued the scene they will leave here together So Mu Qianyue thought over and over again and knocked Blu out directly She is always considerate of her friends When she was in danger he did not hesitate to stand in front of her so how could she selfishly put him in danger Only when he fainted and did not get involved in the dispute could he play it safe "Smelly boy did you seem to be very rampant before" The blue eyes of the sky flashed with cold and bloodthirsty cold staring at the opposite Szeto Mo sneering I've put up with him for a long time! Now I can finally start this mood is cool ah! Xiao Xuaner grinned showing his white and straight teeth and smiled sullenly Mu Rutian squinted his whole body emitting a terrible murderous look Although Meng Xi Mo did not speak her momentum and coldness were no weaker than theirs

She has always regarded the shallow moon as the best sister see the shallow moon bullied the natural heart is very angry especially to see the enemy in front of us Szeto Mo eyes gently narrowed although he had long guessed that the small moon could not come to the nether world alone but did not expect her to summon so many strong people at once three nine-order emperor warrior an eight-order emperor warrior and a five-order Silver Travertine Slabs emperor martial arts such strength is really not generally strong! Even if there are not so many strong people around him there are still many mid-level demons in the nether world Just because you guys want to stop me With a sneer of disdain at the corners of his mouth and his fingers pinching the formula he suddenly saw dozens of Shura kings appear in the air tall several feet high ferocious and ugly faces emitting a terrible evil spirit up and down terrible to the extreme With a roar they rushed toward Tianshuo and others

A fierce battle began in an instant Tianshuo and Murutian launched a fierce attack on Szeto Mo At the beginning Szeto Mo didn't take it seriously Suddenly his face turned white and he felt a sharp pain in his chest The pain made him suffocate a little Even the evil spirit condensed in the palm of his hand had faded a little and the momentum had obviously dropped! There was a trace of doubt and horror in his handsome and evil eyes What was going on How is his strength constrained You don't know Master she has already planted Tianyang San on the Holy Devil Flower which is a kind of poison elixir specially used to deal with your Shura How about it Do you think it's fun Tianshuo disdained to sneer and kept moving in his hands making more and more violent and horrible moves which were ferocious and deadly For Szeto Mo he will not show mercy Mu Rutian also did not have a good impression on him He made a very heavy move and killed him while he was ill He became more and more ferocious He opened the blood of Qinglong His fighting capacity exploded He went straight to the senior emperor warrior Qinglong blood shocked the world forustone.com

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