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Password Diary by Zhou Yan

"Enough enough wit" Strange no wonder the shop has been open for so long "Make a living" Thank you for your support He thought of the name of the shop he saw at the door and wondered "Boss why did you change the fourth canteen to the fifth canteen" Did you open a branch No no There used to be only three canteens in the school but now there are four How can we compete with the public for status Adam laughed his head off He felt that Adam had not changed at all except that he had gained forty pounds After two bottles of beer the stammer seems to be almost cured Adam's face turned purple like a pig's liver as before "You why are you back Agate Slabs Countertops alone" "I can't find my wife" He was surprised to hear his direct answer knowing that the alcohol had taken effect Did you run away with someone Adam's bloodshot eyes widened He shook his head and gulped down the beer in his glass So that's running away from home "Well sort of" You stutter and lead me astray "No no way no cure" In this way the two men stammered stumbled and chatted did not move the food drank five bottles of wine while talking to tears while laughing with chopsticks and spoons to beat the dishes and bottles and for a while neither of them spoke each holding the bottle as if they had to get drunk The boss probably saw more than not strange shuttling around neither stopping nor interrupting

When it was about to close at twelve o'clock he patted the two brothers who had almost lost consciousness and helped them call a taxi Although he was almost unconscious and spinning he refused Adam's invitation to go to his house and insisted that the driver drive to the hotel He suddenly felt as if his whole body was falling rapidly and the buildings and stars beside him became blurred but he saw a face which had been falling with him all the time He could not reach out and tried to see it carefully but it was too late He was going to hit the ground heavily An unprecedented fear stopped his heart completely He woke up with a start Sweating profusely the strong smell of alcohol volatilized in the room He had to sit up and calm his breathing He felt that moment as if it were the moment before death My head is heavy and painful It suddenly occurred to him that the face he saw clearly before he woke up was not her but Yating He looked at his watch It was five o'clock in the morning and he was not sleepy at all When he went to take a bath he found that his travel bag was lost whether it was in the campus playground or in a small restaurant and he had no memory at all Today he went back to look for it but he had to wear yesterday's clothes which made him unbearable Fortunately Calacatta Quartz Slab the wallet and mobile phone are in a small bag and he has been carrying them all the time He was going to send a message to

Adam and found that there was already a message in his mobile phone "I accidentally took your bag home and will send it to you tomorrow morning" Wrapped in a hotel robe he boiled water made himself a pot of tea and unpacked a package of paid biscuits in the pantry I feel a lot more awake A few hours ago the incoherent dialogue in the anesthesia of alcohol was reconnected in his mind and arranged into a meaningful combination He sat on the sofa sipping green tea and going over it in his mind like a movie Last night's numbness gradually subsided He seemed to have come to watch the premiere of the film He was frightened and excited After watching the whole film he realized that he was just an extra actor Adam followed Xu Yating to this university He was self-willed when he was young He thought Agate Stone Price that when he clenched his fist and said that he could achieve his goal by working hard He had known this story for a long time but he had never understood that a boy like Adam could be so affectionate The boys around Yating are constantly changing tall short leisure sports suits and leather shoes Adam has never touched the edge Occasionally she would go out to drink sing and smile together in her rare free time He once scolded him for being cheap but he said that it was better to be a spare tire for a lifetime than to die of old age and never see each other again

At this point Adam did not drink much but he talked about Yating's expression as if the person was not far away the name could appear on his mobile phone screen at any time he would leave the buddy and fly over like the wind He suddenly interrupted him and asked him if he knew when Xu Yating had an accident Adam swallowed the next string of stuttering words drank the wine from the bottom of his glass and told him that he was out of town that it was snowing so heavily that all the planes had been grounded He drove to the highway and was not allowed to get on He turned around and changed the national highway The car was driving too fast and the road was too slippery It hit a big tree on the side of the road and the airbag popped up I can't push or pull when I get out of the car At that time I received a phone call from Yaning saying that Agate Slabs For Sale his sister was gone He cried on the snow thinking that a car would run him over and kill him But two hours later no car passed by Stumbling Adam wept dripped into his glass and drank it again all bitter anyway He said this is my youth my life He asked him if he knew about Yating's illness Adam said that he took Yating to the doctor every time When he went to school he simply loved her and felt happy no matter how he was abused

As long as she doesn't get married he will wait Later when she became seriously ill she often called and texted him to tell him how she was going to die He was afraid and proposed to her on the phone to take her abroad to relax and find the best doctor She dropped the diamond ring he had mailed to her from upstairs and asked him to go downstairs to see how the ring was broken She said that might be what she looked like in pieces He hung up the phone and bought a plane ticket but God played tricks on him and trapped him in the ice and snow helpless and incompetent He asked Adam if he was in love again and if he was married Adam said wait it's only been six years He hasn't made a commitment to a lonely life but he's not ready to love anyone else It feels like all the energy is exhausted and the recovery is very slow and laborious His father put a lot of pressure on him and always arranged blind dates but he didn't want to approach anyone like this He couldn't think it was reasonable to hurt others just because he was hurt forustone.com

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