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Underworld hoodlums of online games

The tooth elder brother is him said the hand pointed to me I looked at this yellow tooth a little familiar as if I had seen it somewhere but I couldn't remember it Huang Mao roared "Boy you are tired of your mother's work You dare to eavesdrop on my work Sister Li looked at me with a confused face and asked me what was wrong I said I was all right" I looked at Huang Ya and said "What did I overhear you do" Is to do I choked in the middle of my speech Looking at my yellow teeth and red face I smiled even more happily Meow ~ meow called twice more Huang Mao was angry when he heard it Isn't this playing with me Boy do you know who I Calacatta Nano Glass am I said You have yellow teeth Yellow tooth says "Boy calculates you cleverness are you still so mad in my inn" I pretended to be excited and said "So you are the boss Come on I pulled my yellow teeth and walked to the dish" I said "Boss do you know this" As soon as the yellow tooth looked the mother was about to say anything a pot of chopped pepper fish head just on the pot was grabbed by me and smashed on the yellow tooth head hot yellow teeth and a face of bubbles Yellow teeth howled ran into the kitchen with his face covered picked up a fish-killing tip and rushed out The fourth chapter of the main text recalls the past (part two) Book House Updated September 27 2010 154319 Words in this chapter 1531 PS

As I am writing for the first time please give me more criticism and encouragement! Lao Dao I hope you will give me a lot of support! Thank you for the support of the little happy baby! Be the first to comment! Facing the tip of the yellow tooth my hands were in a fighting posture and my left foot was in a T-step forward At the moment when the cold shining fish was stabbed in my chest I moved 10 centimeters to the left with my left hand up and my right hand down in an environmental protection shape With the help of the inertia of the tip of the yellow tooth I pulled forward and flew to the ground with the yellow tooth in my arms Bang! (My move is called seizing the dagger by clamping the arm Generally people who have practiced grappling in the army should be able to do it) Ah ~ a scream came into my ears I was angry Porcelain Marble Slabs to *** call ah ~ the more you call me more excited ~ hey Picked up the yellow teeth to kill fish homeopathy to the yellow teeth on the neck yellow teeth a look busy said "Brother ~ misunderstanding!"! Misunderstanding! Misunderstanding Why didn't you say it was a misunderstanding when you stabbed me just now Brother Ya right I'll make you toothless! He turned the fish-killing knife in his hand and took the handle of the knife to the mouth of the yellow tooth! Poof ~ a mouthful of yellow teeth After 30 minutes of abuse all of them were laid off smoothly Looking at the faint yellow teeth I turned to look at the side of the big head fish only to see the big head fish sitting on the ground legs trembling ~ white skirt wet

My heart way this woman two words to describe ~ tough ~ this can climax! (In fact the big head fish is also very depressed I was scared to pee) Let's go Sister Li said to me Sister Li was stunned (from the moment she started fighting with Huang Ya) Li Jie said "Oh Artificial Marble Slabs oh ~ ~ followed me out of the restaurant Li Jie took a long time to come to my senses and said to me Mantis how can you fight so hard ah not afraid to kill people ah!"! I laughed and said Sister! You also saw if I am not ruthless ~ lying on the ground is me heart way (do not explain hit their own people to let others go to the hospital! The sound of a cell phone rang in the fish restaurant the big head fish next to it looked at the yellow teeth still fainting picked up the yellow teeth of the cell phone and called A man's voice came from inside Hello! Boss ~ Hey boss say something ~! As soon as the big head fish hears is the yellow tooth younger brother's telephone ~ immediately said "Come quickly the tooth elder brother has been hit" What Are you saying it again I said the tooth brother was beaten in the fish restaurant and his teeth were all gone Then he hung up the phone

After the man inside the phone hung up the phone the roar and the sound of the mahjong table falling to the ground "Don't play The boss was beaten" Fifteen minutes later there were more than thirty men standing in the fish restaurant surrounded by a crowd outside A yellow hair shouted at the people outside "Look look look at your mother's B Get out of here!"! As soon as he finished he heard someone shouting "The boss is awake ~ the boss is awake!"! Immediately ran in holding the yellow tooth way "tooth elder brother how" Are you all right! Yellow teeth with red blood flowing in his mouth he shouted vaguely to his men (why is it blurred the teeth are gone) M's father is going to kill that little bastard! Speaking of this I want to say that some people may say that there is no one around a boss It turns Granite Slab Supplier out that Huang Ya received a phone call from the upper line saying that there is a batch of goods that need to be discussed in detail In addition she hasn't been looking for a "big head fish" for a long time Although this girl has a big head she still has a good figure So she said to the younger brother You don't have to follow me I'll go to the fish restaurant alone The younger brothers understood as soon as they heard it; they were looking for the fish head sister of the fish restaurant so the next scene was what happened just now

After describing the appearance and physical characteristics of the "mantis" to his subordinates he was sent to the hospital by his subordinates Long hair height 178 centimeters handsome appearance ruthless hand ~ with a "mantis jade pendant" a younger brother repeated the description of the eldest brother just now Five days later there was a phenomenon of dozens of people chasing one person The fifth chapter of the main text is the bloodthirsty mantis (I) Book House Updated September 27 2010 154319 Words in this chapter 1423 Faced with more than thirty panting "black people" around me a man dressed in white and full of yellow teeth came down from the side but now the yellow teeth are not the yellow teeth of the past perhaps we should change the name "gold teeth" "So it's him" I said to myself I clamored "Oh Brother Tooth!"! Long time no see how are you recently "Boy" said Huang Ya "you can still laugh now but you will laugh worse than crying "It looks like I'm in trouble today" I said to myself I slowly untied my jacket in front of me A white belt was wrapped around my waist and two different daggers were pinned to my left and right The left hand is a purple dagger golden stripes emerge on the front of the dagger engraved with a purple red dragon the two sides of the tip of the dagger are barbed like the two ends of an arrow two bloodletting grooves extend upward and there are four rings on the hilt of the knife so as not to let the dagger off with too much force forustone.com

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