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Heroes of the world

As soon as Leng Hongxia saw the old woman she told everyone about her moves changing the actual situation step by step and laughing even more "Don't be complacent little girl" said that old woman dress in red and green with a sneer "If you can get away with my old man's' wind sweep away the clouds' I won't use the 'wind and thunder fan' in my life" Sure enough the "wind and thunder fan method" in the "wind and thunder fan method" was used and its power was surprising I saw the shadow of the fan flying the fan was fierce the force was strong the force was strong and the momentum was amazing! At this time as soon as Leng Hongxia saw the old woman using real kungfu she dared to be naughty again so she had to use the mysterious moves in the thirty-six moves of the "wonderful dance circle" to deal with the old woman As Planetary Gear Motor soon as the old woman dressed in red and green saw the "wind and thunder fan method" the wind formula "wind and clouds" was unfolded The girl in red quickly restrained her smile and displayed her unique swordsmanship of "wonderful dance circle" which she had not seen for many years Although my mind is eccentric

But for the girl in red who has something to do with the Dragon Lady it is not convenient to rely too much on the old to deceive others And for the sake of testing the skill of the girl in red she also unreservedly unfolded the wind formula However with only 70% or 80% of his strength he seemed to have forced the girl in red to defend but not to attack Leng Hongxia is a young girl with a competitive heart Just as she was about to change her style and perform her "colorful" thirty-six moves she suddenly heard Zu Gu say behind her "Hong'er don't be rude Hurry up and pay your respects to Elder Luo the Nvxia of Wind and Thunder" At this moment Luo Lichun the Nvxia of Wind and Thunder with a big fan of black light suddenly stopped her movements With a flash of her red and green clothes she floated to the front of the Dragon Lady who turned over the river and said with a smile "My old sister I haven't seen you for twenty years You've put on weight Especially this child is really lovely" Why does she call you aunt "It's a long story old sister" said the Dragon Lady with a smile "I'll talk about it in detail when I see Grandpa Leng Piaoping" Feng Lei Nvxia Luo Lichun looked surprised and said "What" Yours …… Is the old man still in the world What an incredibly strange thing! !” By this time Leng Hongxia had already gathered her sword Facing Feng Lei Nvxia Luo Lichun she said "The younger generation has seen the elder generation I hope the elder generation will forgive the offense just now" Feng Lei Nvxia Luo Lichun said with a smile "Good boy as soon as I saw you I liked you very much" How can I blame you! Good boy how is your grandpa

I'll see you later Grandpa I have one more piece of news to tell your grandpa "Elder Luo" said Leng Hongxia "tell me first" "My child" said Luo Lichun "I think you have the same temperament as your mother You are very anxious" Leng Hongxia's eyes could not help blushing "Like my aunt you all say that my mother is impatient I've grown so big now that I don't even know the name of my mother's enemy" Finish saying wipe tears with the sleeve! It looks very sad "Don't be sad my child" said the Dragon Lady 12v High Torque Motor "Didn't Elder Luo say he had a message to tell your grandfather" If my guess is right It must have something to do with your enemy! Wind and Thunder Nvxia Luo Lichun said with a smile "My elder sister's guess is right She really brought news from the devils of Xiaoyao Valley"! I think we should talk about it when we see Brother Leng the old man chasing the clouds "Aunt Zu" said Leng Hongxia "take your time with Elder Luo! Wait till I get back to the cave Report to Grandpa first so as to meet Elder Luo! Say that finish Jiao body a flash start "soaring to chase the wind" posture Jiao body hanging in the air quickly out of the forest Wind and Thunder Nvxia Luo Lichun could not help sighing when she saw the posture of "chasing the wind in the air" "This is the way of saying 'The waves behind the Yangtze River drive on the waves before and a generation of new people replace the old' There are only a few people left in our generation who live in seclusion in the mountains to spend the rest of their lives What else is there to fight for in Wulin" "That's right sister" said the Dragon Lady "Of course we can't compete in the martial arts world any more But we still need to cultivate more talented people for the next generation so that we can shoulder the heavy responsibility of sweeping away the demons in the future" Say that finish two people come to the ring arch rock crevice hole see the hole spray splashing flying out of the old man chasing clouds

As soon as the old man's body fell on the flowery path on the left side of the stream he immediately said "Nvxia Luo I haven't seen you for decades Today the arrival of Yujia has added a lot of splendor to this barren mountain and water cave" As soon as Feng Lei Nvxia Luo Lichun saw the old man chasing the clouds she was very healthy except that her eyebrows were white and her face had changed He couldn't help nodding his head and sighing "Brother Leng I've been separated for decades I didn't expect that I Luo Lichun could still meet Taoist friends in my twilight years here It's really unexpected!" "Sister Luan" said 24v Gear Motor the old man "go into the cave with Nvxia Luo to have a rest first and then talk about what will happen after you leave" After explaining the method of entering the cave the Dragon Lady first floated into the cave entrance of the arch rock crevice According to the method of entering the cave Luo Lichun the female swordsman of wind and thunder followed and flashed into the cave entrance of the rock crevice of the ring arch Seeing that the dragon lady of turning over the river had fallen into the rock crevice walkway and was waiting she quickly crossed the stream tunnel and floated down to the side of the dragon lady of turning over the river The Dragon Lady and the Wind and Thunder Lady Luo Lichun went up to the cave one after another and sat down in the outer room

At this time the old man also went into the cave Before he sat down Leng Hongxia brought tea from the inner room and put it on the table standing beside Luo Lichun the woman of wind and thunder Looking at Grandpa with a smiling face he said "Three old people please have some tea before we talk" Feng Lei Nvxia Luo Lichun led Leng Hongxia to sit down beside her and said "Brother Leng I have one thing I must first tell my Taoist friends to make preparations As far as I know the older generation of demons in Xiaoyao Valley have moved to another hidden place for hidden cultivation They have decided to get up and go there before the Mid-Autumn Festival" The old man was very surprised when he heard this so he replied "Thank you Nvxia Luo for telling me We are going to leave at the end of next month to solve this matter So we have to get up and go in advance so as not to delay the matter and change it again But Zier still needs a month to go back to the cave Sister Luan what do you think is the best way to deal with this matter" "In my opinion" said the Dragon Lady "it's better to go ahead of time As for Zi'er just leave a word and ask her to come later Fortunately Zi'er's wisdom is superhuman Although he is young and knowledgeable he will never have an accident 。 ichgearmotor.com

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