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Rebirth with space to marry a loyal dog man

Although during the holidays the habit formed in the army for many years still made Gu Shao wake up early He ran around the village which was still shrouded in the morning mist The sweat dripped slowly from his resolute and handsome cheeks to his broad back His army green vest was soaked through Along the way he occasionally met the villagers he knew and slowed down his pace to say hello By the time he got home Gu's mother had already put breakfast on the stone table in the yard Hot and fragrant millet porridge a large plate of steamed buns and a small dish of pickled dried radish were the most common farm-style breakfast They small geared motors sat opposite each other at breakfast After eating a steamed bun Mother Gu said to her son "I'll tidy up after breakfast I've already made an appointment with the girl at 9 o'clock It's not good to be late" The expression on Gu Shao's face did not change much as usual and he nodded ———— Ji Qiubai got up early this morning Before his mother and younger brother and sister got up he picked a few fresh cucumbers and a handful of kidney beans in the vegetable field at the door and began to make breakfast Their home and others are not the same breakfast is equivalent to lunch because

Ji Qiulei and Ji Qiuhong have to go to school at noon is not rushed home to eat are from the cooked breakfast to eat at school Ji Qiubai cut the cucumbers into thin slices When the oil in the pot boiled she immediately put them into the pot and fried them with a little garlic Soon there was a faint fragrance in the room Kidney beans stewed with meat were the most delicious and the more rotten they were the more delicious they were After the fried cucumbers were served Ji Qiubai washed the pot again and began to stew kidney beans The meat was what she bought from the market yesterday Not long after the meat was put in the summer the season mother was made into salted pork After finishing the meal Ji Qiubai and the food ran out to feed the ducks raised at home and then cleaned the floor of the house again So when Mother Ji got up the smell of breakfast was already everywhere in the house and a dozen or so ducks were strolling in the yard She lifted the lid of the pot and saw that they were stewing kidney beans and a fragrant smell went straight to her nose Why didn't you call me when you got up early Ji Mu put the kidney beans in a big dish and said again Ji Qiubai washed his hands and said "Let you have a rest Your face was not very good last night" Ji Mu took out two lunch boxes and left the two small lunches alone She replied casually "What's good or not It's all the same" Ji Qiubai suddenly remembered one thing "Mom have you finished your medicine" I haven't seen you boil medicine these two days! There are too many things these two days and she didn't find out such an important thing until now Mother Ji gave her a meal and then pretended to be as if nothing had happened "I feel much better recently so I stopped taking the medicine Well go and call Leizi and Xiaohong to get up

If you are late you will be late" Ji Qiubai felt sour in her heart She didn't know why Ji's mother stopped taking the medicine This was the sadness of a poor family She couldn't afford to get sick all her life "Mom I know what you're worried about but the body is the most important thing If you have something to do what should we do"! I'll go to town to fill your medicine after breakfast There was no doubt in her mind Ji's mother sighed gear reduction motor thinking that her orchard was about to harvest and finally nodded She also hoped that she could live a long and healthy life and see her children get married After the family had breakfast Ji Qiulei and Ji Qiuhong went to school while Ji's mother sent Feng Fugui breakfast The orchard was about to harvest fruit Feng Fugui came to help guard the orchard at night from last night During the day Ji Qiubai or Ji's mother took over and then went home After Ji Qiubai washed and tidied up the bowls and chopsticks he took out a bamboo basket made by himself carried it on his shoulder locked the gate and went to the village entrance

She went to the town this time in addition to a season mother to fill medicine and other plans that is to sell fruit which naturally sells fruit in the space space fruit variety mainly northern fruit and their orchard only litchi longan mango wampee these kinds want to mix some wholesale out is not good only to find opportunities to retail in addition she had another plan in mind It is to find a shop in the town to sell fruit in the future After all the only source of income for their family now is the hilltop and the fruit is only harvested once a year Now life is getting better and better year by year so naturally they have to find other ways to generate income In order to catch up with the time Ji Qiubai did not walk but went to the village to take a ride Although their village was remote at least there was a bus brushless gear motor passing by Today is not a fair day but the market is still full of people with the experience of the last time Ji Qiubai this time very skillfully found an inconspicuous corner took off the basket on his back then took out a small horse from inside and sat down looked around and saw that no one paid attention to her then took out apples from the space and put them into the basket one by one until they were filled This trick is called telekinesis which she learned last night at the last minute from the wonderful book called "Tianwen"

After learning this trick she doesn't have to bother to take or put things in the space in the future Apple looked at the water Lingling red especially gratifying plus fragrance people can not help but salivate and soon an uncle came to ask the price Ji Qiubai smiled and quoted the price of three pieces three cents more expensive than the market price but she was not worried about not selling out because the apples in the space are first-class both in appearance and taste They also contain a strong aura which is the only one in a thousand absolutely people want to eat again as long as someone buys she will not worry about no repeat customers Sure enough the uncle did not hesitate to pick out a few to let Ji Qiubai weigh with the first customer the next step is to open ———— The girl Gu's mother favored belonged to a family in the town who lived near the town market In order to show the importance of their own Gu mother not only brought a lot of things but also specially hired a car instead of walking and then under the guidance of the introducer a group of people went to the woman's home After getting out of the car before entering the alley Gu's mother nodded something in her hand Then she looked up and said to Gu Shao "No I missed the apple on the table" Gu Shao was also holding a lot of things in his hand When he heard his mother's words he frowned invisibly and said "Forget it if you leak it" 。 ichgearmotor.com

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