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Waving a sword to ask for love-Chen Qingyun _ txt novel paradise

Yao Qiuhan smiled bitterly and said "Miss you treat me like old friends at first sight Your kindness is as heavy as a mountain I dare not forget Yao Qiuhan in his grave Alas!"! Now that I want to entrust the young lady I hope you can extend my grievance I have interactive whiteboard for schools nothing else to ask for Miss Yue take these quickly! Yue Yunfeng stretched out her hand to take the white silk scroll and her eyes touched Yao Qiuhan's bitter and sad eyes and a burst of pity and sympathy in her heart tears like rain Yao Qiuhan sighed softly and said "Miss Yue those seven martial arts scriptures are the stunts that people in the martial arts world dream of" You have to treasure it well I'm probably not long away from death now

Before I die I don't want anyone to see my tragic death You go miss and in the morning please buy some veneers to bury me Yao Qiuhan these words said very plain but that kind of hero doomsday dying words is how desolate listen to it makes people tender Yue Yunfeng cried out and somehow she threw her body into Yao Qiuhan's arms sobbing sobbing and grieving to the extreme Yao Qiuhan was greatly surprised by her deep feelings but he thought "This is Yue Yunfeng's sympathy for her loneliness and tragic death" With an extremely desolate sigh Yao Qiuhan 4k smart board put his hands on Yue Yunfeng's shoulders and suddenly saw her face sad two big eyes shooting out a ray of melancholy tenderness beautiful and charming This time it made Yao Qiuhan's calm heart swing up a trace of resentment Miss Yue let's have a friendship Farewell You can go Listen to the ghost whistling It's obvious that the strong enemy who invaded Wuji Fort has come A word did not finish not far away came a whistling sound across the night sky like an owl's lament which made people unconsciously hair stand on end Together with this whistle the four ghosts roared loudly Then sharp and harsh mixed with a few soul-stirring shrill screams

The sound of shouts the sound of swords and then the continuous transmission through the air Yue Yunfeng's pink face changed color and suddenly remembered that his father had not yet woken up Jiao body a trembling stood up sad voice way "Yao Xianggong take good care of yourself Yue Yunfeng prays to God for your rebirth We will see you later" With these words Yue Yunfeng endured the pain and hurried out of the house With an arrow she lifted her breath and flew up to the roof Suddenly she felt a strong wind coming from the 75 inch smart board shadow beside her Yue Yunfeng hurriedly flashed aside and the jade palm was thrown out The body of the bearer was unusually fast and Yue Yunfeng's palm was sent out fiercely and under the dim starlight it was faster than the wind Suddenly with a cry of surprise Yue Yunfeng's charming body was shaken seven or eight feet away by the potential of a palm wind On the roof of this side courtyard was already standing a strange man with a face like a wasp sharp teeth and gills and a gloomy wind As soon as he shook off Miss Yue he proudly let out a strange laugh which was so gloomy and harsh that it sounded like a ghost roaring in the night Yue Yunfeng quickly turned over her wrist and withdrew her sword from her shoulder "Who are you" She shouted "Why did you enter someone's courtyard in the middle of the night touch screen interactive whiteboard " A strange man like a ghost gave a cold and lewd laugh and said "Beauty you are the twelve ghosts of hell who died of illness Hey hey hey"

The twelve ghosts of hell washed Wuji Fort in blood this time deliberately leaving no chickens and dogs behind but you this child if you go to the house with your uncle to have a good time your uncle can let you live It turned out that the dead ghost was the most lustful of the twelve ghosts in hell Twenty years ago I don't know how many good women were raped and then killed by the dead ghost The twelve ghosts attacked Wuji Fort from all sides tonight Most of them were looking for enemies Only the dead ghost sneaked into the Yuefu family home in order to find women When Yue Yunfeng was ten years old she was as beautiful as a beautiful flower and she was as beautiful as a beautiful woman When she saw the ghost who died of illness she lost this piece of fat "His leering words made Yue Yunfeng's waist tremble with anger" Dog robber speak foul language to hurt people look at the sword Yue Yunfeng is the apple of Yue Kunxuan's eye Although Yue Kunxuan doesn't want his daughter to learn martial arts he also teaches her some protective swordsmanship As soon as she released her sword a cold white light flew up in the night and she took the middle plate of the dead ghost Yue Yunfeng's sword move was as swift as a flash of lightning Knowing that the dead ghost was moving even faster he lay on his back and rolled to the right He said with a sullen smile "Beauty you should be so shrewish But you feel that the more fierce the girl is the more interesting she is"

” As the words came out of his mouth the man had already opened his mouth five feet He did not allow Yue Yunfeng to close his sword and make another move He suddenly stood up and jumped back His left hand suddenly hit the potential of internal strength forcing the light of the sword and his right hand pointed together "Two dragons snatched the pearl" and went straight to Yue Yunfeng's right wrist holding the sword Yue Yunfeng did not 75 smart board expect the dead ghost to flash the light of the sword and his backhand was as fast as a gust of wind He quickly drew back the sword and flashed it to the left His delicate body turned to avoid the oncoming force and his right sword changed into "Dan Feng Tiao Yun" slanting the front foot of the dead ghost The dead ghost grinned grimly his left hand "waved the lute" to swing the sword and his right hand five fingers like hooks performed "Ghost Claw Skill" and grabbed Yue Yunfeng Yue Yunfeng has followed two brothers in Jianghu for many years and she has a little insight

Under the dim starlight he saw that the dead ghost's fingers and claws were purple and black He knew that his hand had the ability to kill poison If he touched his body he would be hurt if he didn't die He quickly stamped his feet and jumped back "Sweetheart don't go" cried the dead ghost with a lewd laugh He tapped the roof and ran after it like a shadow Yue Yunfeng's feet fell on the roof and the dead ghost had already caught the fragrant shoulder Yue Yunfeng seldom fought with people This time she met a master for the first time since she was born She knew that the twelve ghosts in hell were extremely vicious and vicious If she fell into his hands she would not be able to escape As soon as she gritted her jade teeth she made up her mind that she would rather die for the jade The sword in her hand was "cold flowers spitting pistils" and she tried her best to stab the dead ghost The ghost who died of illness saw that Yue Yunfeng was desperate and wanted to die together He smiled indifferently and his right hand did not change "Add the finishing touch" His left hand pushed fiercely to the tip of Yue Yunfeng's sword Yue Yunfeng only felt a great potential so that the sword in her hand flew off the roof and she fell straight down the house Yue Yunfeng was shaken down by the internal force of the ghost who died of illness

As soon as his body moved he was about to fly down to the house when he saw a figure flying in Then the flying sword flew as fast as lightning It caught Yue Yunfeng's body in midair followed by his feet and led him to pull up more than twenty feet high and fall to the roof hsdsmartboard.com

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