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Forty thousand years of cultivation

There's a door! Li Yao was ecstatic Originally based on all kinds of fragmentary information he had especially Li Jialing's appearance and his adoptive father's last words he concluded an extremely absurd conclusion and took it out to cheat Li Lingfeng Unexpectedly Li Lingfeng's performance was so strong that nine times out of ten his inference was true! Li Jialing a mysterious young man is really the son of his adoptive father and the 65 inch smart board imperial queen Li Linghai but somehow he fell into the hands of the queen's brother Li Lingfeng who made the young man into a secret weapon to deal with the queen! Yes that makes all the sense! Had it not been for Li Jialing's special status there would have been no reason for Li Lingfeng to painstakingly invest so many resources in teenagers let alone tell Li Jialing so many secrets

Is there anything better than a son full of hatred and misunderstanding to beat his mother with "Nonsense!" In the twinkling of an eye hundreds of thoughts of braving bad water gushed out from the depths of Li Yao's mind Jie Jie said with a strange smile "Of course I am the queen's man Otherwise do you think that with these extremely poor practitioners you can really cultivate a strong deification and get a giant magic weapon with such strong performance" "Li Lingfeng!"! The queen already knew all about what you had done so she sent me first to destroy your whole plan! "Now that you've plotted to go bankrupt and lose 65 inch touch screen the whole game wash your neck and wait for the Queen's monstrous anger!" The ripple of Li Yao's mind like the sharpest flying sword pierced deeply into the spiritual mansion of the "Storm God" Li Lingfeng's flame contracted crazily apparently shocked by Li Yao's roar For a moment he did have deep doubts about his plan But the next second the best generation in the Li family reacted that he had been cheated! In any case this big secret is his own sister the biggest gate of life of the imperial queen is absolutely absolutely absolutely will not tell others What's more it's hard to tell an old deified monster that even with the power of the queen it's hard to kill him afterwards

Are you cheating on me Li Lingfeng flew into a rage but it was too late! Taking advantage of the moment when his mind was agitated and his spiritual flame was flickering every thorn blood vessel on the "Nine Youxuan Bones" of Li Yaoju's magic weapon swelled at least three times as if a vicious dragon had awakened and many thorn blood vessels were still torn at the root gushing out a thick fog of blood The black wings on the back are also constantly splitting and extending just like a black lotus in full bloom Arms raised high with the prehistoric beast spine as the core of the refining of the ship cutting knife angry flames billowing muddy waves towering scarlet knife awn almost through the entire universe! Li Yao's strongest killing move instant cohesion! His mind is full of his first time to control the crystal armor in the "super thunderstorm area" deep in the wilderness against the hurricane scene Especially regardless of life and death a knife flashed wrapped in an electric arc touch screen board classroom like a dragon crazy hurricane was cut into two sections by him that kind of unparalleled fierce and refreshing!

In an instant Li Yao's field swelled to the limit and completely swallowed up Li Lingfeng's field The whole world is the fusion of Li Yao's heart primordial spirit and Dao Mang and the roar of crazy resonance It was as if all the stars in the sky had turned into his notes and the whole sea of stars had been stirred by his battle song! Within a radius of 1000 meters the whole field is filled touch screen whiteboard with Li Yao's sword filled with the determination to forge ahead with indomitable will to destroy the withered and rotten and even to slay hurricanes! "Return to the original heart of Tao slay the blade of the hurricane kill the knife of the gale and thunder upgrade the luxury version wow!" Li Yao and Jiuyou Xuangu are completely integrated into one In the depths of Jiuyou Xuangu there are countless octagonal ancient and simple runes broken and the destructive force surging out sweeps the opposite "Storm God"! Boom! The two giant soldiers collided with each other creating a huge ball of red and blue light spreading thousands of ripples and pushing out all the starships around them! The psionic shields and force field distortion systems of every starship are screaming whether it's a realist or an immortal

The psionic shields of many battle-damaged starships are instantly reimbursed and the shells made of super-strong alloys are directly exposed to the surging spiritual flames making the sound of metal distortion that makes people's scalp tingle Even for those smart board touch screen starships whose psionic shields could barely support them all the light curtains flickered wildly creating colorful ripples like a nightmare of extreme madness When the bright and blind light ball finally faded down all the practitioners and immortals saw an unforgettable scene The "battlefield" at the foot of the two giant soldiers that is the shell of "Sky City Manzhu Shahua" was blasted out of a huge pit with a diameter of more than five kilometers All the cabins and metal structures in the pit were destroyed forming a huge whirlpool All the metal fragments in the whirlpool were melted by high temperature and quickly solidified turning into crystal clear beads The Heavenly Maidens scattered like flowers and sputtered in all directions "Jiuyou Xuangu" was badly injured

In order to wield this indomitable knife to slay the hurricane its shoulder joint elbow joint and wrist joint all burst The chopper knife was also cut off from it leaving only one third still in hand In order to pursue the ultimate destructive power Li Yao did not consider the issue of defense at all In the fierce counterattack of the "Storm God" the "Nine Hidden Bones" were riddled with holes and many key parts were exposed with fragmented internal structures Fuel stabilizers and lubricants were sprayed out crazily as if the internal organs were turned into meat mud and mixed with blood plasma! It's just Li Lingfeng's "Storm God" is not much better than him The blue shell which was originally gorgeous and brilliant was now covered with deep visible bone damage and all kinds of silvery liquids gushed out condensing into small shining blue beads in the void All the joints were filled with bright sparks and even a few fingers twitched nervously indicating that there was a major malfunction in the nerve connection system between the giant soldier and the driver hsdsmartboard.com

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