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Ao Shi Tian Lang

Qi Tianmeng turned his head and looked in the direction of Yamamoto Rokuro At the same time his eyes kept shining with extraordinary splendor At close range Qi Tian suddenly found that when he concentrated on looking at a person he could clearly see his five internal organs his bones and his blood flow! Yes he saw clearly saw Yamamoto Rokuro's fist-sized heart and the penis that had already shrunk to the size of a peanut And Yamamoto Rokuro also interactive touch screens education saw he saw the wild and uninhibited in the eyes of this Chinese youth saw the contempt and killing in the eyes of this Chinese youth! "Hiss!"! ~ ~ ~ "Yamamoto Rokuro inadvertently shivered and the footsteps that were moving forward slowly stopped"

Volume III Chapter 92 Cruise Ship (II) When Qi Tian locked his eyes on Yamamoto Rokuro Yamamoto Rokuro suddenly felt the contempt and murder in the eyes of the Chinese man not far away He was boldly walking forward and suddenly stood in place looking at Qi Tian doubtfully The five ninjas around the hall including the turtle ears and teeth also clearly found digital interactive whiteboard the Chinese killing machine but they were not in a hurry and nervously watched Qi Tian's every move Qi Tian didn't think that he could actually see through a person and it was naked For this kind of skill he had never heard of before Qi Tian was ecstatic in his heart But when he saw Yamamoto Rokuro's penis the size of a peanut he suddenly couldn't help laughing out loud "Ha ha ha are you Yamamoto Rokuro" Who are you Why don't I know you Why were you on the boat Rokuro Yamamoto uses stiff Chinese It doesn't matter who I am but where my friends are now

As he spoke Qi Tian insolently walked toward Yamamoto Rokuro completely ignoring the guards around him and the ninjas hiding in the dark When Qi Tian asked where his friend was Yamamoto Rokuro knew why he was looking for him "Catch him!" Yamamoto Rokuro pointed to Qi Tian and quickly dodged back Hi! When all the guards got the order they besieged Qi Tian with a sound of "Hi" Qi Tian who had reached the eighth level of the holy book did not care about the small fish and shrimps He did not even hide and continued to walk forward At the same time he made a lightning move interactive panel board and overturned all the guards who wanted to catch him Ah ah ah! Everyone was surprised to find that the guards who surrounded them all fell down automatically when they were one meter away from Qi Tian and cried out in pain bleeding in their mouths it seemed that they had more air out and less air in! But they didn't see how Qi Tian did it and for a moment all the guests screamed and hid in the corner Now the most surprising thing is the tortoise's ears and teeth

As he is already close to Shang Ren he certainly knows that Qi Tian is not using the evil method but the extremely fast style of boxing! Fist wind Tortoise ears and teeth thought of here fiercely hit a spirit interactive panels for education lightning speed killing people in the invisible fist wind Is this the Chinese Qigong What is the consequence of his fist wind hitting himself Turtle ear tooth silently shook his head even if they five ninjas together at most is to fight around him if you want to subdue him in addition to invite the head of the Iga school The guards on the cruise ship continued to shout more than 20 guards for Qi Tian just waved to solve but he did not do so but calmly step by step to Yamamoto Rokuro! "Damn what are you doing to eat Kill him!" Yamamoto Rokuro is afraid now he is really afraid in front of this Chinese youth he can not see through kung fu is too high the eyes make people feel a kind of chill Young master let's go! Turtle ear tooth I do not know when to grab the arm of Yamamoto Rokuro and then a force Yamamoto Rokuro was turtle ear tooth light back up and quickly walked toward the deck

"Ba Ga!"! "The captain and the first mate saw that more than twenty crew members were dying so they shouted eight times and drew out the only pistol on board" Ba Ga Shina go to hell! The captain grinned grimly and pulled the trigger "Bang!" The bullet whistled up to the sky Ah! "Hiding in the corner of the crowd once again exclaimed they did not expect that now even the gun has come out you know Japan is one of the countries with digital touch screen board the strictest gun control and the female guests could not bear to close their eyes thinking" how handsome man ah so dead! What a shame Qi Tian was ready when the captain took out the pistol and focused all his attention on the pistol Miraculously he saw the internal structure of the pistol He saw the spark when the needle hit the cartridge case

He saw the light from the bullet in the spiral barrel Shh it's so clear! Qi Tian was not afraid of bullets at this time on the contrary he was studying pistols With a whoosh the bullet hit Qi Tian's forehead accurately Just as the first mate and the captain were preparing to celebrate a scene that stunned them happened The bullet that should have been embedded in his head miraculously turned red deformed and then quickly disappeared into a wisp of smoke! "My God he's not human!" The captain and the first mate immediately turned around and ran away It was the first time they had seen such an unheard of kung fu Was this something that human beings could do Even the gods of the entire Japanese Empire couldn't do that could they Qi Tian looked at the bullet that disappeared in front of him with satisfaction He did not block it with an air shield nor did he resist it deliberately Instead he let the bullet shoot himself He did not think that the power of the family would be so great

If the monster in his heart was completely gone what height would it be Will you turn all your red blood into black But it seems that now is not the time to think about this problem because Yamamoto Rokuro has been carried away by a small ninja hsdsmartboard.com

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