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Acura Female Doctor: Abandoned Women with Babies Are Arrogant

Gu Changsheng nodded when he heard this but the more he thought about it the more he felt it was wrong "Ya I'm one of the few gentry in Liuzhou!"! How can they all go out of the city to greet each other and watch the beautiful men at close range but I can't Chapter 351 a fierce figure Can't see the beautiful man at close range Gu Changsheng expressed his dissatisfaction! Nima this can be treated differently! "Gu Changsheng you are so cheeky!"! Are interactive whiteboards in the classroom you so self-proclaimed gentry When Borri heard this he immediately rolled his eyes and said sarcastically without mercy When Gu Changsheng a self-styled gentry heard this he immediately stared "What's the matter" Who dares to say that I am not a gentry in Liuzhou Even if you look at the city of Liuzhou I can count the number of gentry! The guards all around lowered their heads when they heard this Well Lady Changsheng is a gentry! Well-deserved! Liuzhou city is afraid that in addition to Mu Jun Wang Fu the number of Changsheng Niangzi's mansion is more powerful and domineering! Even the castellan mansion can't compare with that! Therefore Lady Changsheng the gentry does not need to be self-proclaimed! She is!

Gu Changsheng glanced around the reaction of the crowd and immediately he was satisfied! Look at that! She is obviously a full ten gentry but the result is that Nima is treated differently! Why is it that other gentry can go out of the city to greet each other and see a beautiful man at close range but she can't This must be the ghost of evil spirits! Gu Changsheng thought with great conviction in his heart! Ya interactive flat panel display wait to see evil again she must settle accounts with him! Dare to block her to see the great cause of the beautiful man! This is like asking for her life! What can be tolerated is intolerable! This account must be settled! When she saw Gu Changsheng gnashing his teeth she couldn't help but cover her mouth and titter Her senior fellow apprentice obviously fell in love with Huo Shuixian but he was quite attentive to her friend! This can not even the beautiful man does not let Gu Changsheng see! It can be seen that it is very stingy! "Look!"! The guard of honor of Prince Nanchen appeared! With a sudden exclamation of surprise Borji raised his hand and pointed to the distance Gu Changsheng Wen Yan where also attend to angry hurriedly lie down on the view of the hole to look into the distance The towers of Liuzhou City are so high that they command a commanding position with a wide field of vision! The scene in the distance can be seen from the tiny cave Sure enough as Bo Er only said two rows of Qingqi appeared in the distance to clear the way!

The man on Qingqi was particularly eye-catching in his bright yellow bodyguard uniform As soon as the royal eye appeared he knew that the prince of Nanchen was coming! Hundreds of Qingqi cleared the way but in the blink of an eye they roared past Behind them are countless guards with imperial banners surrounded by this luxurious interactive boards for classrooms carriage pulled by eight BMW horses "Your brother has come out!" Gu Changsheng withdrew his eyes from the guard of honor of Prince Nanchen in the distance and saw the tall figure coming down from the purple

Dressed in a purple python robe the long hair like ink is flying in the wind At a glance Gu Changsheng can see the familiar figure among ten thousand people Bo Er just looked at it when he heard this smartboards in classrooms He took one look and couldn't help swallowing saliva "My Elder Martial Brother deserves to be one of the most beautiful men in the world As soon as he appeared on the stage he was so gorgeous that people were very greedy" Gu Changsheng gave her an angry white look and opened his mouth ferociously "What are you looking at" Don't be wishful thinking! Your brother is mine! As soon as she heard this she immediately gave her a bigger look and curled her lips and replied "It was you who called me to see it!"! And now this! "Humph!" Gu Changsheng snorted back but the moment he turned back he was frightened "frightened!"! I'm a Mamma Mia! How did the demon turn back Wipe it! From two or three miles away the evil will not see her right This Nima is not scientific! She hid behind Guanwei Cave and could see his every move as a matter of course! But does this demon want to go against the sky Can you see her from so far away She could clearly see the smile at the corners of the demon's mouth and the tongue-tied expression of the people beside him when they saw him smiling "Ha ha!"! My senior fellow apprentice is coming!

Gu Changsheng you see the beautiful man was caught by my senior fellow apprentice! Borzhijin immediately laughed gloatingly Gu Changsheng listens to this immediately grief and indignation "Ya separated so far how can he see us" This Nima is not scientific! This is too challenging for her perception! "With my Elder Martial Brother's internal force you can hear the sound within a hundred feet He may not have seen us but it's very possible to hear us speak!" Borzhijin Nian explained with great kindness Gu Changsheng Wen Yan immediately raised classroom interactive whiteboard his hand to cover his mouth a face of panic! Depend on it! Not a man! This is not a person! I really can't play happily with the evil in the future! This Nima is simply no secret at all! Is it different from having a pair of downwind ears with wool But in a twinkling of an eye Gu Changsheng felt wrong again hurriedly put his hand down! Ya she is a face-judger she likes to see no man it is not a shameful thing she is afraid of a wool ah! Zhou Mu this evil spirit does not want to let her see more she just wants to see fair and square see how he can drop her! Hum! With this idea in mind Gu Changsheng looked in the direction of Zhou Mu again but Zhou Mu had already turned his head Without the pressure of Zhou Mu's line of sight Gu Changsheng's heart was immediately put back into his stomach and he opened his mouth at a glance "It must be our hallucination just now Your brother can't hear us!" When Borri heard this he shrugged his shoulders noncommittally "That's what you think!"

Gu Changsheng see this but also do not do more tangled turn to continue to look forward to see the true face of the male Prince Chen! Thanks to Gu Changsheng's good eyesight he could see clearly even if he was so far away After waiting for a while a chapter of Sima Changhao Prince of South Chen came near! From a distance Gu Changsheng only saw Prince Chen of the South clear the way to the front of the team to meet one after another orderly spread out on both sides until people spread out wave after wave both sides of the road were full of solemn standing teams Prince Chen of the South Sima Changhao's carriage was surrounded by millions of people slowly driving forward hsdsmartboard.com

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