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Liao Bi opened his mouth wide and did not know whether to cheer for Cui Yi or mourn for Zhao Baokun He was in a dilemma for a while One was a good friend she had just met and the other was a best friend who had been playing since childhood Liao Bi could only choose silence She really likes to simplify all complex problems but it does not mean that she has no brain a woman without wisdom is unable to let an old man like General Liao Chenglong despair That group of playboys immediately shift target Cui Yi this only the whole Beijing military region to support the Tigress dare not provoke does not mean that they dare not provoke others and see Zhao Baokun so ravaged by Cui Yi the first time they put Ye Wudao their background guess pull down a large section although it is said that Liao Bi this guy in the local army smart interactive whiteboard is very But they never thought she would be the granddaughter of General Liao Chenglong in Chengdu Although Liao Chenglong is not as famous in the army as Yang Wangzhen Chief of General Staff of Chengdu Military Region Chen Binghui Vice Chairman of the Military Commission and Vice Minister of the General Staff Department the "Three Tiger Generals of China" his qualifications are highlighted after the old generation of military fathers withered one by one In today's peaceful era when there are so many generals and brigadiers in the army General Liao is the one who can grasp the right to speak at the critical moment This is a "special honor" that even several less qualified Central Military Commissions do not have

It is true that the Party commands the barrel of a gun But don't forget that the government is not the party after all and the gun can do a lot of things besides defending the country Fortunately no matter how corrupt the army is rumored to be there are still a large number of real soldiers who support the backbone of China working silently and devoting themselves to the rise of China! "Where did that bastard come from!" One of the young people dressed in Armani pointed at Ye Wudao and roared but the volume went up but the people he pointed at did not care about him Although Cui Yi looked down on Ye Wudao verbally he still mourned the so-so playboy in the Beijing circle a smart board whiteboard grandfather who had just been transferred from Jiangsu to Beijing as a vice-ministerial level and a father who had a future in the Central Committee of the League Can toss about the spray in fact is not big now the real native Beijing playboy have learned to be low Not every dude who talks about you is a princeling Several young men behind the young man were much calmer and looked carefully at Ye Wudao who had a somewhat unfathomable taste A woman stepped out of a Porsche at the gate of the Beijing Hotel Her face was haggard but her face was cool and charming concave and convex The place where she should stand was absolutely spectacular and the place where she should be thin was absolutely not superfluous The peach blossom eyes which were deliberately covered by gold eyes could make men involuntarily ripple It was absolutely a wonderful product among mature women When she saw Ye Wudao she was stunned for a moment and bowed her head into the hotel with a complicated expression Ye Wudao's lazy breath suddenly faded He stared at his figure thoughtfully and said "I'm a bastard from other places To be more specific I'm from the Chengdu Military Region the Yang family!"

Chapter one hundred and eighteen angry youth Chengdu Military Region Yangjia Anyone with a little common sense and background will understand that even many northern dudes of this generation who do not hear about things outside Beijing have understood the vigorous foundation of the Yang family in the army after the Diaoyutai incident Now hearing about the Yang family not only the dejected Hong Kong consortium but also the whole Beijing circle has a feeling of changing color smart board interactive whiteboard It was a pity that the playboy who was clamoring against Ye Wudao did not come to his senses for the first time He did not know whether he was alive or dead and said "The Chengdu Military Region is great Do you have the ability to fly a fighter plane to Beijing to bomb me!"! Ya in Beijing don't say that your father is a big official what is it! Ye Wudao was not angry but a little funny He was thinking about going to the Beijing Military Region to play with the Su-27 Flanker He had touched several types of fighter planes in the Chengdu Military Region and it was difficult to make many big moves Subconsciously touched the nose looking at this little "cute" playboy Ye Wudao went over to pat him on the shoulder the result that the man thought he was going to start hurriedly back a few steps afraid Ye Wudao to rough Ye Wudao couldn't help laughing and said "What you said is quite reasonable In Beijing you really don't want to say that your father is a big official Just for this sentence interactive digital whiteboard let's forget about today's things"

” Without waiting for the muddle-headed man to continue firing at Ye Wudao the two companions behind him who were scared out of a cold sweat had already grabbed him One of them grabbed one of his arms and dragged him directly to the Audi Then without saying a word they threw him into the car Finally they did not forget to give Ye Wudao an almost flattering smile The humble and uneasy look was clear The Audi which used to walk like a crab electronic board for classroom slipped out of sight Let a few waiters in a dull state this state is really faster than Sichuan's face-changing but the importance of Ye Wudao also quietly elevated a level in Beijing you are not rare things but to a name to scare away a group of men with heads and faces not simple quite not simple and their eyes And more servile Zhao Baokun rubbed his sore waist The woman's strength was too exaggerated and her anger was forced to be suppressed by the fall Following Ye Wudao for so long he was no stranger to the phrase "a hundred forbearance becomes gold" He was no longer violent but kept a close eye on the Tigress of the Cui family

It was not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years while a villain could hold a grudge for longer Cui Yi was deeply touched by Ye Wudao's remark that "I am a bastard from other places" The circle in Beijing has a strong xenophobia Many local officials will not adapt to it after being transferred to Beijing because in the eyes of Beijing people people in other parts of China are outsiders There are many circles in Beijing but it is very difficult to enter I will settle your affairs with you Today Liao Bi is here I can treat you as a stranger Casually wearing a pair of camouflage pants with a knitted jacket Cui Yi has a kind of soldier's unique cool and heroic posture Her height is almost close to Ye Wudao which makes many men flinch and pull Liao Bi straight into the hotel hsdsmartboard.com

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