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Cool ideas for virtual Birthday Party



Are you stuck at home due to Coronavirus? Unable to celebrate your loved one’s birthday due to this? Don’t worry; virtual parties can be a unique experience in themselves.

While there is no replacement for a physical get-together, online birthday parties are a great alternative in the present day, and with safety concerns surrounding in-person celebrations, it is the best alternative for us.

But celebrating birthdays virtually can be weird since it is something so new and different, but don’t worry, below are a bunch of cool ideas that will help you out in planning a great virtual party for your loved ones.

  1. Have a themed Party

Birthday parties, whether for adults or for kids, benefit from having a central theme; not only does having a theme help giving a unique setting to the whole birthday party. You can experiment with a lot of themes according to the person you are planning on having a party for.

A theme party can also include various kinds of costumes, and decorations are done to suit the background; however, many pre-set backgrounds are available for you to use in a video call. But if you want to go the extra mile, then you can try decorations as well.

  1. Safe Delivery

Now, depending on where you are and what kind of services you get, you can opt-out of this idea, so if you are in an area where delivery of food and items is a safe option, then utilize it to the fullest extent.

Sending a cake or a food item is a great way to greet someone while you all wish them virtually. Having a cake-cutting session over a video call is a great way to feel togetherness.

  1. Plan a virtual movie night

Virtual movie nights can be great fun, especially on birthdays, and all you need for movie nights like this is a good internet connection, subscription, or digital copies of movies and a face cam because you don’t want to ruin such a great day by having your camera off.

There are a lot of applications and software available for people to use and sync their screens or share their screens while they binge-watch.

  1. Play Online games

A lot of video games are multiplayer nowadays, and a great number of them are cheap and great fun. If you want a great hassle-free day of fun, then do check out some of the great online multiplayer games.

  1. Play Offline Games

A lot of activities can be undertaken while being virtually connected; activities such as truth and dare, Bingo, never have I ever, are great party game examples that do not require you to be physically present next to each other.

A lot of activities like Bingo and never have I ever can be combined with drinks to have a great and fun time.

  1. Have a virtual drinking party

A lot of birthday parties involve a casual or heavy drinking night, depending on what your preferences are; virtual parties can involve cocktail parties, drinking games, or other activities that everyone can enjoy.

Drinking can also be done without the use of alcohol; tea parties, mocktail parties, and various other cooking can be done virtually as part of your party.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Now, this is an interesting idea as it can involve a lot of people, and it is an amazing way to combine a lot of elements of a virtual party into one. A virtual treasure hunt can start with a simple quiz with different teams or parties racing against the clock to solve a mystery in record time.

  1. Escape Games

Similar to a Treasure Hunt, escape games are much more streamlined and work with a relatively lesser number of people. Escape games can be played virtually and can be a great way to experience something very unique and immersive in nature.

Escape rooms can be quite intimate and a fun experience if you are new to the concept; for experienced players, it is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday.

An escape room is not generally flashy, and it can be a really intimate affair if you are not interested in spending your time watching a movie or just drinking and talking. It’s a highly recommended activity for a virtual party.


Birthday parties are fun and can be celebrated in a lot of ways, but due to physical distancing, some people might not be able to take part in what could be a tradition. But don’t worry, even if parties are held virtually, they can be fun and entertaining.

With the above ideas for having a great and cool party, you would definitely try a Breakout Escape room, and spend a great time with your loved ones.



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