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The little prodigal son of drinking and gambling

Xiao Luo spread out his hands and said to "Ge San Dao" "Old Ge she said she saw everything Guess what she saw" "Ge San Dao" scratched his head and said "What did she see I don't know "There's no need to talk about him" said Xiao Wuzi in a loud voice "You called five little prostitutes to fool around in a house last night Do you think nobody knows" "Goulan Courtyard" said Xiao Luo in astonishment Then he pretended to be sophisticated and said "What's so strange about the Goulan Courtyard I often go to visit" "Humph!"! You think I'm bluffing What lilac! Little white! Peony! Jinju and Xiaolan and so on can also guess their fake ficus tree body shape and whether they are " She really can't export Xiao Luo and "Ge San Dao" looked at each other and laughed Shameless little thief! "How dare you laugh at such a thing" Asked Little Wuzi "Ge San Dao" said "Sister are you mistaken for someone else or are you talking in your sleep" "Ask the little thief Luo Tian" said Xiao Wuzi sternly "Ask him!" "Ask him what" Asked Ge Sandao "You don't have to be a bad cop and a bad cop" said Xiao Wuzi "Where were you last night" "Last night" said Ge Sandao "I slept at the Three-Star Inn in town" "Bah!"! Staring and lying!

"Did you go to Shuiyue Nunnery" Asked Little Wuzi "Water" Water Moon Nunnery "Ge San Dao" said blankly "Where is Shuiyue Nunnery Girl you're not having a high fever are you "Xiao Luo tell me yourself were you with that little nun at Shuiyue Nunnery last night" "Wonderful!"! It's wonderful! "Ge San Dao" said "This girl probably has a slight loss of mind or something Hurry home and find a doctor to have a look" Xiao Luo and "Ge San Dao" you look at me I look at you seems very surprised Jiang soft in the dark to see this situation is the so-called bystander clear it is very strange Look at the small five son said firmly vivid naturally will not lie Then look at Xiao Luo and this "Ge San Dao" look of surprise obviously not faked This is indeed a strange thing Jiang Ruanruan has never seen anything about whoring in the fence but he has seen something about doing it in the nunnery But the two men did not even seem to admit that they had been to faux ficus tree Shuiyue Nunnery Also it was not "Ge San Dao" who followed Ronaldinho last night but another middle-aged man Little Wuzi was so mad that he said "Little whore you can't pretend I tell you yesterday you went out of Goulan Courtyard and patted Little Yanni's buttocks on the road I saw what you did" Ronaldinho smiled again "But Ge San Dao did not smile" Xiao Luo "he said" are you also interested in the nun " "Actually" said Xiao Luo "a nun is just like any other woman except that she has no hair" "Ge San Dao" said "Xiao Luo it sounds like you might have played with a nun"

"How could you think I" said Xiao Luo "Because you say that nuns are no different from ordinary women except that they have no hair!" Xiao Luo said "This sentence is really not pleasant to hear What's wrong with it" "Ge San Dao" is at a loss for words artificial banyan trees say again "You did not pat the buttock of a little nun really "If I had I wouldn't have denied it" said Xiao Luo On this point "Ge San Dao" believed Xiao Wuzi believed and it seemed that Jiang Ruanruan also believed Could it be that Xiao Wuzi met another man who looked like Xiao Luo There are too few people in the world who have this kind of coincidence and this kind of cruelty Xiao Luo spread out his hands and said "Xiao Wuzi if you think I'm like what you said I visited five little prostitutes in one night and the next day I visited a little nun and so on I also openly patted her buttocks in the street To be honest if I associate with this kind of person even eight generations of ancestors will be lost So you should stay as far away from me as possible" Like this tone but it is definitely not what a lady-killer should say At least a pure girl like Xiaowuzi comes to the door automatically and he won't miss it Xiao Luo finished and left quickly with "Ge San Dao" At this time Jiang Ruanruan appeared "At least this girl should have seen Xiao Luo fighting in the nunnery" said Xiao Wuzi "I did see it" said Jiang softly

” "But he won't admit it" said Xiao Wuzi "Excuse me" said Jiang Ruanruan "what is the name of this girl" "My name is Xiao Wuzi" "My name is Jiang Ruanruan" "This little thief is very wicked" said Little Wuzi "He eats drinks goes whoring and gambles" "Indeed but since he is so evil why does the girl still associate with him" "Aren't you the same" Asked Xiao Wuzi "I'm just curious" Jiang said softly "Come and have a look" "I'm not large ficus tree the same" said Little Five "Would I take a fancy to such an evil man" What the hell is going on Can he really get five hookers in one night "If you don't believe me you can go to the only bar in Qingshi Town and ask the madam Ah Xue if Xiao Luo went whoring with cloves and other little prostitutes overnight" Jiang Ruanruan said "So it must be absolutely true about the little nun of Shuiyue Nunnery"

"But I can't figure it out" said Xiao Wuzi "What can't you understand" Asked Jiang Ruanruan Small five son murmured tunnel "First yesterday and he was together is not this boy in addition the clothes are not the same yesterday saw the dress is more gorgeous and more exquisite" "Yes yes!" "Indeed" said Jiang Ruanruan "There is another important point" "I haven't known Xiao Luo for a long time" said Xiao Wuzi "He does look a little evil but I always think that he can grasp it at the critical moment A lady-killer can't be so sure" "Yes sister Xiaowuzi I think he is like that too" "Do you like him too Sister Jiang" Asked Xiao Wuzi I I don't deny that "But you don't look like a man of seventeen" "I'm twenty" said Jiang Ruanruan "Isn't twenty too old for a man of seventeen" "Of course it's bigger" said Jiang Ruanruan "Why did you think of that" "You should know" said Xiao Wuzi "that two cats are unlikely to share a fish in peace" "It's really impossible" said Jiang Ruanruan 。 hacartificialtree.com

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