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Drunk with beautiful men in Jiangshan

"No" I stubbornly denied his words "Don't you remember the last incident of Purple Flame" You might as well run by yourself With your flying skill you can catch up with me in a few hours With the shadow guard protecting me there will be no problem If it's too late hundreds of lives in Biluo Palace will be in danger How could I not know what was in his mind when he was silent all the way He hesitated and I knew it in my heart Go Everyone thinks I'm going north It's only a few hours I won't be in danger I'll wait for you in the city Looking at him who still had no movement he couldn't help urging "Go quickly go early to come plastic bottle making machine back early what are you dawdling here" "Be careful yourself If there's any danger just let the Shadow Guards run with you Their martial arts should be no problem to protect you Meet in the city" Looking at my determination he was still a little worried It was not until I nodded heavily that he looked at me with a deep look of worry and showed his body shape like a ROC spreading its wings and flying away in the air It was not until his background had turned into a black spot and disappeared that I pulled the reins and smiled at Leng Xuanqing "Let's go"

The sound of hooves the only accompaniment in their silent journey seemed to have a tacit understanding Leng Xuanqing and I did not continue the unfinished topic of that day as if in their hearts everything had been understood like a mirror Finally I couldn't help breaking the tedium between them "You say what will be the result of this war" He yawned and narrowed his eyes His body was hanging on the horse's back like a collapsed mud Miraculously it would not fall down "Can you fight a battle if you are not sure" It's an unnecessary question "You think I'm going to win" I'm not 100% sure myself and he said it so lightly Wiping the corners of his eyes he seemed to be struggling with the God of sleep Even his voice was lazy "You're not digging your heart out for me I don't know too many things about you Why do I think you're going to win Ask yourself instead of me" "What do you mean by that" I was so angry that I didn't have a good voice on my mouth I only say that you are sure why bother to ask me I do not understand your strategy just as I do not understand why you insist on coming to the border sitting in the imperial city is not good news You are not a king who craves for greatness and success Only you know why you make this decision His words let two people once again fell into quiet

I was thoughtful he casually lazy let the horse run slowly as long as before sunset to reach the city on the line these distances simply in the casual waiting for Lingxiao time to kill it When will you go back to your home Escape is never the way to solve things After this battle there should be an explanation between me and him When to solve things when to go home when to put everything back on track when to go home Speaking of this he came to the spirit PET bottle Mold smiled at me but my hair stood on end and my whole body was cold Back on track I made sure my ears didn't miss these two words In a few words I should understand that his purpose was probably to take me away from here What do you mean by leading back to the right track And when did you know it was me Since everything is transparent just pick it out and say it Pulling one corner of his mouth he gave me a gentle glance I didn't bring the information It doesn't mean I can't get in touch with the people over there In order to find them I have to keep in a state of fugue Every day for ten hours I almost sleep silly Fortunately you are not a safe master For such a long time if someone dies there will be a soul What information do I want to take I have already taken it But I'm not going to ask you because I'm going to correct my mistakes Whether you want to admit your identity or not I'll do mine "What mistakes are you going to correct"

My vigilance has been completely raised and the hair of my whole body has entered a state of alert "After the death of Situ Qingyan Hongyu should have fallen into the hands of others and then disappeared in the war between the empires As for your harem Murong Yuxue his life should have been a king without a queen He was worried about the PET blow moulding machine harem Purple Ruoshui should have been buried with Situ Qingyan at the same time Bi Lingxiao I think seems to have drifted out of the palace and finally died in the struggle of Jianghu Bai Yueyue never married" To keep the festival for the emperor as for the personal shadow guard when the emperor dies he will be buried with him His words directly put me into the 18 layers of hell simply can not imagine my dearest person one by one the end will be like this and he actually want to lead everything back to the right track

Back to the way they should be Leng Xuanqing sighed deeply "the result because of your appearance let all their life chart changed even the red feather royal should have no queen also because of you and appeared anomaly I had hurriedly agreed to your request but did not think of changing too many people butterfly effect the final result is not what I can control my father knew it" He kicked me out of the position of general manager and left me here to try to make up for the mistakes I made So what do you want to do Do you want them to die Now that everything has changed do you still want to go back Kill Yuxue Kill Ruoshui Lingxiao Yueyue and Suiqing And now that my children have been born do you want to take their lives Yes I changed a lot of people's lives if Situ Qingyan died then the world is Bai Xiuzhu but now Bai Xiuzhu is dead don't you want her to come back "Dead people naturally can not live again but can change can minimize all variables I will do when I can not control everything I can only choose to take away the culprit you know" ¡£ gzxilinear.com

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