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Huanzhu Landlord _ Shushan Swordsman Biography

"It's a shame The two sisters are together We're all the same What's so funny" Xie Ying's magic power is not as good as Xie Lin's but her Zen skills are more profound and she has become more and more diligent recently First because Li Hong was young he did not want to make a strange danger When he saw that he had to go he recalled his father's words and promised him to go with him but he didn't say it clearly Think about it again this person has juice filling machine accumulated many times and his skills are all deep This life should prove the fruit and the luck is even thicker What's more his magic power has been restored early and he has the three treasures of the spirit to defend himself It's just as well The fruit is still an excellent helper How can he be despised because of his naivety "If you talk about Brother Hong's magic power" he said hurriedly "it's enough to go Just for the sake of Uncle Li's caution when he comes This time he will only get rid of the evil spirits He can't kill more He is afraid that you will be greedy for merit and create complications again As long as you can be obedient you can go together When Li Hong heard this he was naturally happy The three of them talked and laughed all the way flying very fast and the cliff was already in sight Suddenly I saw a dark shadow flying like a meteor in my face Both of them were fast and dazzling

The shadow grew from small to big The two girls saw that it was Yang Jin's ancient God dove and told Li Hong first "Does Martial Uncle Yang know we're coming to pay our respects" He asked The God dove nodded gave two cries of joy and flew forward to lead the way Li Hong had heard the name of the divine dove for a long time but it was the first time he had seen it He asked with a smile "I've heard that the divine dove has attained the Tao for thousands of years and evil spirits and ghosts have run away How can they be about the same size as an eagle Did they deliberately shrink" Before the words were finished the God dove's body suddenly grew and its wings immediately stretched more than ten feet The iron feather was like an arrow and its roots stood His body was even surrounded by 18 groups of golden light and his eyes were like electric torches looking back on the three of them He opened his iron beak which was much bigger than the plank door and with a long roar his body suddenly shrank into a dark shadow as big as a fist The eighteen grains of golden light also shrank to the size of a mung bean like a shower of stars shooting at the foot of the front peak and disappearing in a flash Li Hong said with a smile "The divine dove is really well-informed It's unusual" Almost sorcerer Hugh said to fight against it scared to death by it It is true that people say it is too strong but I just say it casually and it immediately shows its color Xie Lin laughed and said "It's just that your baby's mouth is open and your words are bold" It's gone so fast Maybe it's angry Li Hong laughed "How could I take it amiss if I didn't say it was bad" Show some power and prestige I think water filling machine maybe Xie Ying suddenly exclaimed "The place where the divine dove is going is not the cliff leaning against the sky Could it be that Martial Uncle Yang has changed his immortal residence and ordered him to come and guide him" Li Hong and Xie Lin were also reminded that the place was in the hundred-mile canyon on the left of the cliff The cliff leaning against the sky stands on the boundary of the snowy mountains and rivers The scenery outside is desolate and cold The canyon is even more sinister and dark very hidden and covered by the dangerous cliff of the peak If the three men had not flown very high and had been led forward by the divine dove they would never have been found

How could the owner of such a barren mountain and dark valley move here In the middle of the canyon the valley path was about Li Xu long and only a few feet wide with dangerous cliffs on both sides and three people had already flown over it Because Li Hong felt that the divine dove was funny he flew fast and at the mouth of the gorge which was nearly two hundred miles apart he flew down in a flash Previously because he was about to arrive he did not urge Dun Guang to rush after him but he did not see his whereabouts so he paid extra attention when looking for him As soon as I looked back I caught a glimpse of a dangerous cliff behind me and a section near the ground was empty Two women also just look back Xie Ying first heart feel different see Li Hong is about to open his mouth busy make eyes stop pretend to fly forward Cross the valley path and then make a gesture with the hidden figure fly back Falling to the bottom of the valley I saw that the middle section looking down from the air looked like a crack only two or three feet wide but very wide below One side of the cliff was low and the depression was sixty or seventy feet wide and deep as if the mountainside had been hollowed out and turned into a big hole Because the front entrance is only a few liquid bottle filling machine feet wide the cliff stone is several feet thick and it is very inclined then approaching the front it is also the end of the canyon not easy to see Fang felt that the cave was empty and there were no foreign objects Suddenly he heard a loud sound of a dove At the same time he caught a glimpse of a huge cave sinking in the middle of the ground The evil spirit was faint Each Yun Hui fixed his eyes on it and saw a sudden surge of green gas which was wrapped in three skulls as big as fists As soon as it appeared it rolled up and down in the green air Its speed was like electricity It rolled hundreds of times in a dazzling way It squeaked a few times The green air suddenly disappeared even when the skeleton fell to the ground It turned into three grey-white naked strange men They were not very tall and their appearance was extremely ferocious

Outside the body there is a flame lantern flower five feet long each holding a dead man's bone flower a three-inch hexagonal ring neither gold nor jade the color is gray and white the blue front in the ring is as dense as needle rain which looks similar to the knife ring When the three monsters first appeared they seemed to be afraid of difficulties And listen to the God dove in the outside roar unceasingly is mutual excuse separate people out to look the cave suddenly Hearing the sound the three little strange men were all in a state of panic They shook the hexagonal ring in their hands and the ring suddenly grew to five or six feet around When the shadow of an ancient God dove appeared in the first ring it seemed that he was trapped by the evil method He rushed left and right inside He was so angry that he could not get away as if he had been sucked tightly by the circle of green air The other two rings however are empty gzxilinear.com

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