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6 antenna desktop adjustable cell phone jammer

Posted by anqian anqian
cell phone jammer need anti-fraud test center network formation, through the release of specific electromagnetic signals, all of the radio signal detection, the outside world, cheating tools test, safe, fair and orderly way to ensure that you can't produce to the contact point. To meet the need for anti-misconduct testing, long and stable work can be started. Product features Valid check room (CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS all mobile phone mask transceivers, wireless contact headphones, 2.4g (WLAN/WIFI/bluetooth) and other unauthorized radio signals Mobile jammer using special cabinet mould structure, the new aluminum alloy heat sink and cooling fan is composed of intelligent and efficient cooling system, to ensure that hot worked long boot device safe and reliable, stable performance.
Posted July 5, 2018 - Filed in Science & Technology - #cell phone jammer 
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