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    Xinyu-enameledwire establishes in 2002, is one of the professional and leading manufacturers in the enameled copper wire field of China. Its main products included as following: Enameled Copper Wire and enameled aluminum wire. We posses advanced equipment and technology, strong technical force, testing methods, product quality and stability.

    180 Enameled Copper Wire

    Xinyu-enameledwire has a special and professional team group who are trained well in aspect of Copper Enameled Wire technical and producing skills, in order to offer the most competitive products and best service in this field. All of the workers working hard together looking forward to being friends of you, and establishing long term business relationship with you esteemed companies all over the world.

    Enameled copper clad aluminum wire(ecca wire) is a new kind of magnet wire applying CCA as conductor ,which combines the beneficial properties of the wonderful conductivity of copper and the light-weight of aluminum.

    Advantages of Xinyu ECCA Wire:


    CCA wire is about one-third density of copper wire of the same diameter.

    This is extremely advantageous for reducing the weight of the coil.

    DC resistance

    The DC resistance of CCA wire is about 1.5 times of copper wire. And CCA

    wire is the only half weight of copper wire at the same resistance .

    Good Solderability

    Because of cladding with copper on the surface of CCA wire,it has the same

    solderability with the copper wire.

    Application of Xinyu ECCA Wire:

    -Special magnet wire applied in voice coils.CD-ROM coils

    -Light magnet wire for mobiles and watches

    -Magnet wire for moving coils of mini-motor

    -Magnet wire for high frequency transformers

    -Magnet wire for deflexion coil of display.

    -Magnet wire for demagnetizing coils

    -Dedicated transformers coils

    -Hand welding machine coils

    Xinyu enameled wire process uses the industry advanced level,equipped with professional technical workers to operate,to ensure that every link to perfection.

    Xinyu-enameledwire supplies different kinds of Enameled Wire products. High quality and favorable price. We're pleased to get your Inquiry and we will come back to as soon as possible. Hope that by our mutually effort s we can create a bright and wonderful future together!