Benefits of customizing your router configuration

  • Formerly, the Internet connection was made through modems that through a telephone call established a connection to the Internet, but for some years now, all the companies have started to establish the ADSL or cable lines in a standard way and with them the routers as a connection device.

    The benefits of having a router are many, among which we would highlight, the ability to host more number of computers, tablets or phones connected simultaneously among other things and precisely, one of the most interesting features of the routers, is the one that we are going to explain below: The benefits of customizing the configuration.


    The routers, come from the factory configured to be plugged in and without having to do anything work perfectly, but this is a bit limited if we are curious with our Internet connection and we want to implement certain aspects such as: Mount a web server or ftp, access our computer from outside the home safely, play online games, change the wifi password, download Torrent or Emule ... and endless configurations that we can touch once inside the router.Enterprise router is a basic product for any business/enterprise.


    Normally, to access the router, it is only necessary to type the ip of our gateway or router normally an ip finished in 1 xxx1 and then the access password, which should come in the instruction book or in the router documentation , once inside we can access the following configurations, as long as the router allows it:

    Wifi settings : Change the name, password, devices that can be connected and those that can not. 
    DHCP server : To give or not the ip automatically or require that it be configured manually. 
    Open or close ports : This is what gives more play within our router because with this we can layer programs or access without the need for a firewall or third-party software or allow access to programs such as the Emule. 
    Configure ips : We can also change the ips ranges for more security, activate or deactivate dhcp, etc.

    These and many more are the benefits of customizing the configuration of your router because today, the Internet provider companies automate these configurations and are exposed to leaks of the algorithm, which will allow a ready outside our network to access our data or simply to use our Internet connection. If you really want to optimize your connection and have a unique configuration, we invite you to change the factory configuration of your router, and if you need help, we help you customize your router.