Jet team eager to equalize the more impatient

  • Jet team eager to equalize the more impatient, the team sent foul in the 13th minute, Myers hit the left knee in the case of less defensive hit had to end injury. However, the first 17 minutes, the jet survived, the defender Josh - Morrissey pick the ball to NHL Coins the Cavaliers floor area, Joey - after sending the ball Almere cross, follow-up of Kyle - Connaught After the ball against the Golden Knight guard Jason - Garrison hit shots, Faure Rui blocked his sight, failed to make timely saves, the ball hit the top left corner of the net, 2-2, the game was dragged into overtime.


    In the overtime, the jet team rose in high spirits and hit Foley in a row. However, the main goalkeeper of Golden Knight showed steady performance and blocked off the opportunity of scoring the jet twice. In the fourth minute, Golden Knight seize the opportunity, Peyron consecutive consecutive breakthrough in the right ball, he pulled the ball to the middle after suddenly hit a shot, the ball hit the top right corner of the net, 3-2, and ultimately with the key goal of Peilong , Knight away 3-2 victory over the jet, give opponents home loss for a long absence.