As for Roman defender Ericsson

  • Bachyayi recently rumored to rent to join Dortmund, while Chelsea hope to FIFA Coins sign the Roman center Dzeko. Conti said: "I do not know this thing, Babujay is now a Chelsea player, will participate in this round of the Premier League. Moratta and William are unable to attend, I have no other choice. I do not like Discuss other team players, I think Dzeko will continue to be a Roman player. "


    As for Roman defender Ericsson, Conti admits: "I said earlier that if the club leases Kennedy out, we either sign a player or promote a young player. The club tells the media if there's any news." I do not remember Emerson, he was seriously injured last season, still recovering. "


    There is also news that Chelsea may sign Giroud, Conti said: "I will give the club in the signings needs, the club will also try to transfer the market.However, we are talking about another team player I'm happy whether I buy a club or I continue to work with existing players and I hope the transfer market will shut down as soon as possible because every time I ask the same questions like who are our goals and my club The relationship and so on. "