His previous 12 years because of coaches

  • Fifth, he has a "good match", the rocket happens to NBA Live Coins have players injured, so he had playing time. His previous 12 years because of coaches, lineup structure, injuries and other reasons, playing time is difficult to guarantee that ability can not play out. For example, when he first joined the Celtics through the draft, Pierce and Szczerbiak were in his place, and Rivers coach did not like him so he rarely had a chance to play.


    Later in Kevin Garnett's deal as a "Tim Head" to the Timberwolves, Timberwolves and his position with a lot of players, he still can not hit the ball. He proposed to change the team, but also to the rocket, but only played one was laid off, and then came to the Mavericks, then it is replaced every year because of a variety of reasons have not been playing time. But this time came to the Rockets, Battelle was injured, then Harden was injured, and he has played in the attacking guard and small forward position playing time, which made him have the possibility to play.