Jordan began to prepare for the transition team boss

  • In 2000, Jordan began to prepare for the transition team boss, he joined the Washington Wizards, became the Wizards small boss. At that time, Ted - Leonesse consortium holds a 44% stake in the Wizards, Jordan bought a small stake in his hands. Under the contract, Pauline, who was then the Wizards owner, decided to sell the team and Jordan's holdings could rise to 20%. However, in 2001, Jordan in order to comeback in the Wizards, had to Madden Mobile Coins  sell the shares of the team, also resigned as team management positions.


    In 2006, Jordan dormant years once again shot, he bought part of the Bobcats stake, Bobcats became the boss. Four years later, Jordan spent 275 million to buy all the shares of the Bobcats, NBA became the first professional player background team major shareholders, as well as NBA second black big boss. Today, the Hornets market value has reached 780 million US dollars. Jordan's reach is not only in the NBA, in August this year, he joined the former US baseball New York Yankees second baseman, the captain of the United States said the superstar Derek - Kitt consortium, successfully acquired the baseball team for 1.2 billion US dollars Miami Marlins, Jordan has a small stake in the team, became a small boss.