Luxurious Lingerie Is Only A Sexy Chemise Away

  • Today's chemises are soft and luxurious, whether Cheap Shapewear Cheap Shapewear worn as undergarments, nightwear or even outerwear. Like many of today's hot lingerie items, however, chemises have a long and much more practical history. Provided here is a brief history of sexy lingerie through the ages.

    Ancient Cheap Sexy Clothes Cultures

    In Ancient Greece and Rome, tunic-style garments Cheap Shapewear were worn by both men and women. These simple gowns are believed to be the prototypes of modern chemises. However, the garments were worn alone, therefore functioning as outerwear.

    Middle Ages

    The medieval period marked the true beginning of chemises' use as undergarments. At that time, they were unisex garments. Women wore them long, underneath skirts and bodices or full-length gowns. Men wore them as somewhat shorter undershirts, paired with braies (a form of leggings) and covered by doublets, robes or other garments.

    At that time and for many centuries to follow, chemises served an extremely practical purpose. The chemise was one of the earliest incarnations of underwear. It protected expensive outer garments from sweat and bodily oils. In those days, sexy underwear was the only piece of clothing that was regularly washed.

    Evolution of the Chemise

    Chemises remained an important and practical undergarment until the early 20th century. As fashions changed, so did the chemise. Women's styles evolved into the camisole (once used to cover the corset) and full slip. Men's chemises gradually became shorter and more fitted, eventually becoming the undershirt of today.