´╗┐Camisole Survivors

  • Petticoats, Cheap Shapewear which today are definitely types of underwear, were once outerwear. Then there's the camisole, which until relatively recently was absolutely to be worn and not seen (at least not in public). As time has passed, this word has moved from meaning a sensual, light, often frilly type of upper-body underwear to a firmer, sturdier outer garment in its own right.

     Cheap Sexy Clothes  has certainly been getting used to its new-found place in the sun over the past ten to twenty years. Once upon a time, bra manufacturers went out of their way to design invisible, seamless supports, but now there's nothing wrong with them being visible in formal and professional contexts underneath diaphanous blouses and dresses. And the less said the better about the style for youths and, tragically, men wearing their trousers halfway down their legs to reveal their designer briefs.

    The camisole top "came out" with the trend for visible undergarments, but along the way lost something of its negligee roots. Its chiffons and laces became cottons and man-made fibres. Its looser fit became rather tighter. And although some of the original camisoles did offer a degree of support, the modern vest-type versions are available with underwiring and other forms of architecture to keep things flattering and comfortable when worn without a bra. Once vest and camisoles had converged into being more or less the same thing, the two words could be used interchangeably.

    So perhaps it's time for the camisole, in its primary sense, to make a comeback. There's an elegance, comfort and joy to this type of undergarment that can't be lost to history. Worn correctly they're perfectly viable. They are probably best kept away from semi-opaque tops; there is bound to be a clash of design and a mixture of patterns that can phase into camouflage or make you look like a hologram. They'll go much better under knitwear, dresses or loose cotton tops, and will have a lubricating effect, letting the outerwear slip into its natural shape rather than clinging to the skin.

    If you're struggling to source good quality camisoles, don't forget to look in vintage clothing shops. Online and offline, these establishments will have the complete range, from the flouncy, frilly pinks to the straighter silky designs, all covering decades of camisole taste.