Myths About Dating

  • Your grandparents would have told you bedtime stories when you were young  Face Slimming  , but were all of them true? Just like the bedtime stories, there have been myths in every possible field that hold back people from doing things. One of the most important and crucial examples are the "myths that you believe are true when you are planning to date or are already dating someone".

    This article talks about the various myths that you must avoid when it comes to dating someone. Let us look at the 7 popular myths about dating, below.

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    1. The guy must pay: This is an Adam's age-old myth that at the end of the day is somewhat driven from unfortunate gender stereotypes. You, as the man must be still paying for all the get togethers and celebrations till now, but it is not important or factual that only a guy would pay the bills. A woman is independent and should have the manners to do the same sometimes. Or the best would be splitting the bill.

    2. Wear whatever you want: When you've already spent quite some time together in a relationship, do not think that you can wear whatever you want for your next date. Make sure you dress to impress! Whether you've planned to go for sports activities like rock climbing or a candle light dinner, you must wear appropriate clothes that are functional and equally stylish.

    3. Arriving late is fashionable: Women might take ages to get ready for their date, but they make sure that they reach on time to the venue. On the other hand, men are accustomed to arrive late and believe it to be quite a star studded entry at the venue. If you are someone who does this, stop right there. Women like men who are punctual and considered are courteous too when they reach before their ladylove.

    4. Friends-with-Benefits will not think about the future: This myth was busted long back in the movie itself where Dylan and Jamie separate and reunite because they actually fall in love with each other eventually. It is not mandatory that people get serious in every case, but it is a possibility in 7/10 couples. You might refer to it as 'No Strings Attached', but you never know when you'll fall for your partner.

    5. The longer you date, you'll adjust with their negative attributes: This is one of the most neglected myths that if you live longer with your dating partner; the better you get with their negative attributes. When something bothers you about the other person, and you can't come to terms with it yourself, or work it out with the other person at an early point in the courtship, it is probable that you won't be able to do so no matter how long you keep dating.