Roommate conflicts can affect academic performance

  • Students don’t always get to choose their roommates when they live in college dorms. However, if you didn’t get chance to live in the college dorms, choose your accommodation and roommates carefully. Your roommates can have a serious impact on your academic performance, so be sure to know them well before inviting them or moving in with them.


    Even if you roommate offers your academic writing help, it is not wise to depend completely upon him. Conflicts can happen between roommates any time, so your roommate can refuse to help you any day. It is better to seek writing help from the site, because they offer professional essay writing help to college students. One can avoid a few conflicts while living in a shared accommodation, but after a while it will all become just too much to bear. This is why students should find another place once they start having too many arguments with their roommates.


    At many places, you will have to give a few months rent in advance. Try to negotiate here by paying for the first month only in the beginning. Depending upon your quality of stay for the first month, you can choose to stay there longer or find another place for yourself.