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  • Al-Hijaz tours feel proud to facilitate the guest of Allah with its amazing services by offering unbeatable Hajj packages 2019. We seek all opportunity to give low price packages including greatest amenities. In Islam Hajj is the most significant religious practice For Muslims. Allah Almighty makes it compulsory on all true Muslims male and female who are mentally, physically, and financially able to perform it, at least one time in their life. Muslim brothers and sisters from various cultural individuality gather at one particular stage to do annual pilgrimage and emphasize the similar essential concept that there is only one Allah. Allah Almighty forgives all the sins of a Muslim who performs it. It is the beautiful and greatest gift of Almighty, as, all Muslim hopes and prays for forgiveness of their sins and to be in Jannah in the day of judgment is what each Muslim long for.   

     Avail the opportunity of Hajj 

    Hajj includes of all the worships, like, firstly believe in ALLAH, fasting, zakat, prayer, charity, spending wealth for a good reason, patience, Jihad, good manners. Actually, this action purifies the heart and soul of a Muslim who did it and then a Muslim embark on a new step of life which guides him to religious and temporal gains. therefore, it is obvious that Hajj is not only the fifth pillar of Islam, it influences the moral, social, economic and national life of a Muslim also.  Muslims who are looking for a low-cost Hajj packages Uk, with Al-Hijaz tours they can get best deals with accommodation and flights at the lowest amount. A perfectly intended Group and family 2019 packages will not only give discounted prices but foremost timers will do complete ritual under their full and accurate guidance. Muslims from all across the UK can choose the more ordinary offers like Muslims living in Manchester obtain flights from the nearby airport in their wonderful travel 2019. We offer every capable Hajj services for our dearly loved Muslims living in the UK.

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    Al-Hijaz tours offer the best UK Hajj chances at the lowest possible amount. We are associated with all the luxurious near to Kabah hotels. If you are looking for convenient accommodation, then our most wanted services for the pilgrimage in this year must be your first choice. If you would like an economical and leisure stay to choose the Luxury Family Hotel. We eradicate the complete financial wall by offering you a low-priced 3 Star deals at the cheapest possible amount. We give Best comprehensive services to make your sacred journey hassle free. By choosing for our Luxury Hajj package you will be capable to spend the entire your days in Makah in relieving and comfort. the greatest way to spend wealth is to take your family to the sanctified cities for a mesmerizing Hajj. We are providing you the special opportunity to acquire our offers for a specially made deals for the year 2019. With this chance, you will be capable to choose the facilities of your insist.